I don’t know why they felt they needed to “shakeup” thing but, it was WRONG. The Simpsons been on the air longer and never killed off a main characters to bring in a new one. #bringbrainback The crazy thing is one of the writer had this to say about the death of Brain “Our fans are smart enough and have been loyal to our show for long enough to know that they can trust us,” Callaghan says. “We always make choices that always work to the greatest benefit of the series.”…. Will see how long they keep him died. #familyguy #ripbrain #inmyfeeling

Question of the day/night

how should you feel about someone you feel natural around and care and love? im starting to find myself questioning why is she talking to me im not her type she could do better she could have anyone. should i feel like this way? i just feel… idk.

Angels that Step in Heels

Imitation of the duplication can never meet the expectation of the origination.

Many will acknowledge the go-hardest family that push it the farthest from falsified judging regardless.

All the pain that weโ€™ve obtained from doinโ€™ our destined thang has diamond-played our names.

All for one, one for all; United we stand, never we fall. By steppinโ€™ in heels we standinโ€™ so tall.

With power divine, each body intertwined with eyes that view the light of the finish line.

- Gee โ€˜08


Sometimes I just want to play with the females of League of Legends, but finding one are 1 in a million. If thereโ€™s any chick thatโ€™s down to play with somebody in League, or just to talk, youโ€™ve found that somebody, and that somebody has also found you.ย 

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"My eyes have never seen someone so beautiful, so much charm.."

The way I love you is a way that can be seen and felt so strongly miles and miles away. No matter where you are or where I could be or even if you’re someone else other than either of us you’ll always be able to feel my love. Love is a beautiful thing. Strongest force known to man whether you want to admit it or not. Love overcomes all. God gave us free will and with that free will he wanted us to be able to go around a spread love freely to all in need of it and to all who don’t need it but really we all could use some good love. Doesn’t have to be physical just has to be shown to someone to know you care. This young lady right here though in these picture of us is a perfect example of someone who knows how to spread the love to everyone no matter if she likes them or not or whether they’re ugly, pretty, intelligent or ignorant. Her love has no discrimination what so ever and honestly thats what maximizes her beauty to the fullest. No one is perfect but I see her as perfect and honestly I wish I could be more like that in that she just loves everyone. I love her so much and I get mad at her sometimes but I love her to death like there is not a thing in this world I wouldn’t do for her. I’d take bullets for her what I’d do for her has no limits what so ever and it scares me sometimes to feel this much emotion for a person but then again it always feels so right at the same time I mean love should always feel right as long as its love. We were made to love and a love like her is a rare love that is hard to find now a days. Loyalty is rare, showing and sharing emotions with another daily basis is rare. Love seems rare and scarce for most people and its so easy to see that. I’m so glad I met this girl in high school like I thank god every single day for this young womans precence in my life and I could never be any happier that we’ve been together for this long. A lot of bad things have happened to me in my life and bad shit still happens nothing crazy tho I mean a few months ago I did not even want to be alive. I hated life for about a month and a half. Its so crazy how long a month can take to go by when every day its hell to wake up. That was a dark time in my life and I never want to go back to that time ever again I just want to keep living and loving her. I just want to spoil her and treat her like the princess that she is and thats really what she deserves. "If I could gift-wrap the globe then I would give you the world."ย that very quote comes to mind whenever I think about how I want to spoil her and how I wish I had more money to just spend on her and make her feel wanted and appreciated. I work so hard to make money to help her pay for whatever she needs or to try to give her whatever she wants and honestly lately its been taking a toll on my body. I mean money is not everything but I still try to make her happy and even when I’m peeling blisters off my feet and putting band-aids on my cuts on my heels and achillies and legs because I got cut by a glass or plates at work the pain doesnt even matter I’m just thinking about the next work day and I always find myself calculating how much money I’ll have after this week or coming in the next pay check. Its amazing when I think about how much I love her and how love changes the way you think and act. Its not a bad thing at all either I feel that its amazing like Krisbel and I struggle alot with things to pay off sometimes and she really doesn’t deserve to have to deal with any of the shit she deals with now and you know maybe I deserve all the shit I get in life but I know for sure that she doesnt deserve not one bit of any of the shit she has to pay for. Shes such a hard worker, a kind hearted down to earth soul who loves everyone, she believes in god , shes talented out of this world like. Its so satisfying to watch her do everything that shes does like I’m a very observative person and since Krisbel and I’ve been together for the last year and 4 months I’ve noticed a billion things about her but the main thing I’ve noticed about her is how good she is about everything she does like no matter what she does shes good at it. Listening to her Sing is beautiful, her voice is so heavenly to listen to and honestly I could sit there for hours and listen to her sing its amazing. Shes also an amazing actor and dancer I mean I’d consider her a triple threat but it doesn’t even stop there shes so smart like on an intellectual level greater than myself.Like of course I’m gonna flex and act like I’m smarter but obviously shes the smarter one. They’re so many things shes good at so much that she knows like shes just a threat in the game of life in general and its amazing how so much can be packed into a person and its even better just to see it radiate out of her. Out of everything about her though I just love her smile the most. Her smile for me in kind of like the sun. It just keeps me going, it gives me life and so much more than that I need it. No matter what happens in my life to me as long as I see that smile I’ll literally be okay like HER smile is like a key but a universal key. It’ll take you to the greatest undiscover places in the universe. I love that smile more than anything in this world and I’d die to see that smile any day. No more words can even discribe how much I love this girl and how many emotions have opened up and been discovered in my body because of her. Shes brought out so many things in me that I’ve never even knew I had. Shes helped me see the better side to myself which is why she will forever be my better have and without her I’d feel lost and incomplete. One day I’m praying to god That I’ll marry her and spend the rest of my life with her no one understands what I’d do just for that.I’m so blessed to have her in my life and I really love her so much like its crazy that I even made this post. I just realized about an hour and a half later what I was doing or even writing. I just feel like sometimes love just comes into you and takes over everything and then you lose consciousness and then wake up like what just happened. BTW I LOVE THIS GIRL TO DEATH I HOPE EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS THAT EVEN IF NO ONE READS THIS YOU SHOULD STILL KNOW.ย