inmybackpocket-deactivated20131 said:

hey hey hey. i was wondering what you thought of amelia. (sorry if you've already talked about her at length)

I have yet to really discuss her, so thanks for the opportunity :)

I went into the season with my back up regarding her. I looked up the actress when I discovered who would be playing Sam’s love interest and I wasn’t wild about what I found. Nothing against the actress personally, but I found her to be stiff and not a very good fit for SPN. After watching a few episodes of season 8, I knew that my assessment had been correct. I found her scripts to be cliche and stiff. The character wasn’t well written and she was bland. She came across as selfish, ignorant, and rude. And while I didn’t even mind her at first, even with those characteristics on full display, I lost all respect for her when she ‘seduced’ Sam in her final episode. I wasn’t wild about Sam for going with her, either, but I know that Sam was written badly because Amelia was written badly.

Now I do try to see characters beyond their writing and if this was real life, I would say that Sam was acting out of character. I would say that Amelia was a bit obnoxious and not a good fit for Sam at all. I would say that I am more than very pleased that she’s gone and I truly hope we don’t see her again. I think Don was the only good character to come out of the situation and he seemed like a good guy, even if the whole storyline was more soap opera than Supernatural. I just hope that Don and Amelia stay together til the end of time because that’s about how long until I want to see her again, haha.

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