Medical malfunction.

Approximately four months ago, this inmate was attacked by a fellow prisoner (attacker was Jeffrey Bailey, I recommended him for a pen pal a few months ago). Mr. Bailey allegedly tossed a cup of liquid drain cleaner into the victims face and as anyone with an iq higher than that of a lobotomized garden slug would know, the component necessary to activate said drain cleaner is h20. Would anyone care to guess what the medical professionals at Holman prison chose to wash the substance off this mans face with?

That’s right! They flushed this mans face with water, thereby activating the caustic element of the drain cleaner and melted this fella’s face. Can anyone say lawsuit?

This conversation took place
  • Inmate:I have this little tray with cheese and meat and crackers. It's so cool! What is a Capri Sun?
  • Me:It's juice, are you eating a Lunchable?
  • Inmate:Yes! This drink is in a pouch! It has a straw! This is awesome!
  • Me:Where did you get a Lunchable?
  • Inmate:I think someone stole it from someone who works here and traded it to me. CAPRI SUN'S ARE SO GOOD.