In to days society it seams that any one can pick up a camera and start shooting on auto and they have great pics, but it takes a real photographer to combine all the elements to produce an amazing photo. and it is rare to see such quality sometimes unless your paying top $.

here are some links to photographers that have combined the elements right.

Each one combines everything to produce amazing photos, showing true emotions of the moment, the experience and others that are enjoying the day with the happy couple.


I made this blog I dunno how long ago, not at long but I made it during a dark time… when I thought… I was….*shivers*.. a hipster. yES A HIPSTER I THOUGHT I WAS SO INDIE BUT NO, I AM NOT. anyways, I made this tumblr changed my url 18383 times, and reblogged cool indie hipster pale stuff but then.. it happened. I was sucked into the mighty vortex of tumblr and tags and all that jazz and now, I have been inlightened and I am going to start a fandom blog, so that’s my story… that is all. (: