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Welp there’s no specifics… so let’s do some sexual orientation~!

Sexuality - Foxheart

Straight as Jayfeather’s stick. He’s a straight cis loser baby.

Sexuality - Brightfur

Heterosexual, maaaybe biromantic.

Sexuality - Ashshadow

WaAAaaAY into dudes omg. He’s grossed out by vagina lol. He platonically LOVES girls though. His friends are mostly female. fucking gay loser i love him

Sexuality - Crowstrike

He doesn’t really thing about it much. He had a crush on a girl though. But he’s leaning towards asexual!

Sexuality - Lilyflower

Heterosexual, panromantic! <3

Sexuality - Inkstar

I have a feeling he’s either pan or aromantic. He seems to be asexual. But he doesn’t really crush on others. *shrugs*

Sexuality - Cassius

Fucks anything w/ a pulse.

Sexuality - Elijah

Hella asexual! Shyly gay~

Sexuality - Swampheart

Lesbian, panromantic. (kinda like meee. she also prefers girls romantically.)