Missing patterns and rediscovered poetry.

About four years ago I wrote a short story i actually liked. in fact I liked it so much I ended up naming both my wordpress and tumblr blogs after it.Those four years ago I decided I should type the 24 pages out so that I won’t lose it. A file on your computer is harder to loose then 24 loose pages after all. as I was lazy and busy with school at the time I never finished typing it out. 

Four years later i decided to finish it after all. And I have turned my entire desk upside down in order to find it. So far I only found the first four pages. Then i realized that half a year or so ago, I was clearing my room and moving some furniture around and rediscovered a pile of paper that had been hidden in a crevice for so long the text couldn’t be read from the dust covering it. - yes, I am slightly chaotic. - Now that i see the colour of ink on the recovered four pages, i think that pile of paper must’ve been the missing part. 

Unfortunately I tossed them away without looking at what it was, seeing as it couldn’t be important if it had been collecting dust for so long. Now I really hate myself for not looking at it properly…

On the bright side I did find the binder in which I keep my poetry. Beside the notebook that became the Little red Book i found lots of more recent work (2010-ish) and think i might have a sequel to the little red book. If I survive NaNo this year, I might even get back to writing some more poetry. 

But before I can get to either poetry or NanNo I’m going to wreck my brain about what was written on those 20 missing pages u.u’