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I’ve been playing FFXIV with my usual gaming group lately, but with all of the art upgrades I’m probably going to try WoW again for the next expansion. I’ll have to find out what server you’re on, then. :D

yes!!!!!!!! :D My guild is on Emerald Dream it’s just a small group of friends it would be awesome if you joined if you start playing again!! :D the new art is too good to resist!!! i’m really excited to see the new tauren female models…!!!

Quick morning sketch for everyone that’s a big call-back to my highschool game of choice: World of Warcraft. My first character was a night elf druid named Diamondblood, and you bet your ass I went crazy for bird form. It made soloing (my favorite thing, haaa) even easier in dense areas. Kill kill kill, pop to bird in an instant before the next mob comes, rinse and repeat. This is the night elf druid epic bird form, in all its purple glory. 

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Everyone in the vast internet! It has happened! Years in the making… I have decided to go ahead and draw some of my own Pokemon’.

This is my first evolution line. We have:

Cenisar, the Toxin Starter. He’s a cute little reptile with quills filled with paralytic toxin- on his body for defense and on the tip of his incredibly long tail for aggressive long-distance attacks. Cute little guy, huh? Take THAT, Bulbasaur, and your little bulb of pollen. (Just kidding, I love Bulbasaur!) Cenisar’s name is an anagram for Arsenic, too, so that’s cool. 

The second, the evolved form of Cenisar, is Cyeadin, a very poor anagram for Cyanide. Now larger and faster than his initial form, his quills are also able to shoot out from his skin in a display of agression. They contain powerful neurotoxin, deadly to all but the largest creatures. 

The final form, the evolved form of, Cyeadin, is Cemlokh. In its final form, this Pokemon awakens as a psychic being, allowing for powerful telekinetic abilities to take hold. It floats, now using its four legs as arms. The quills that once shot out of the body aggressively now float as a poisonous barrier along the length of it instead, rotating slightly in a hypnotic pattern. His name is an anagram for Hemlock, because I’m super clever. »;

So, should I make more custom Poke’mon? It was a fun little thing to do for certain! 

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Argh, that’s always a lovely chat. At least you can truthfully tell them that book publishers are less likely to accept manuscripts that already have illustrations, unless the illustrator IS the author.

yep! i mentioned that too!! :3 imagine if every time we artists were asked to illustrate a children’s book they were actual real paying jobs wouldn’t that be great!???

Stormbreath Dragon // InklingArt.Net

Part of my ongoing challenge to myself to draw famous Magic Cards with new art (the prior one was Skullclamp). Not that the initial Stormbreath needed new art, quite the opposite in fact, I think Slawomir Maniak knocked it out of the park. It was more that I just wanted an excuse to draw a dragon, and boy did I get one. 

This one took forever, and I’m not super happy with it, to be honest, but I learned a lot while making it, so that’s what matters, right? Lightning breath is insanely difficult, tell your friends. Also yes, this dragon is huge for a 4/4. Let’s just say it’s after he goes monstrous ;P Come check out my work on my Deviantart, if you like! 

Here’s the real art, for comparison: