inkinthesink replied to your post: I have a question, since I’m considering applying for Kansai Gaidai for my study abroad and you seem to have done it too. Do you have to do a homestay? I know there is the dorm option if there’s not enough people available for homestays, but is there a way you can just opt out of the homestay and choose a dorm?

you don’t have to, the seminar houses are actually the default option, as I recall. I stayed in two of the four and they were awesome =)


inkinthesink replied to your post: unfortunately i didn’t have the opportunity to do study abroad when i was in school, and now i’m not exactly keen on doing the jet program just yet. do you know any other programs or options for studying/living in japan for non-students?

sorry to keep creepin’ but check out Jasso… they give out some pretty awesome scholarships for people in Japan studying. They have a website somewhere, googling should find it. I don’t know if you have to be in japan already to apply for it though.

I certainly do not have all the answers, so feel more than welcome to creep! Thanks for telling us more information!