The year is 2015. The teenager spoke to them-self, gazing out of the window at a bright sunny day with shimmering white snow blanketing everything. “This is it.” They say. “2015. Everything is finally peaceful. There is full equality. Things are looking amazing. It’s been a year since the last war, and since, all wars have seized. It was the longest peace anyone alive has know.” The teenager turned around, looking at the wood flooring. “All of those terrible things happened so long ago, I’m so glad they aren’t happening now.” They are crying. The television tells stupid news stories about some penguin at the zoo, but as they go online, the gasp and cry out as they hear about a child killed due to race, a woman killed due to sex, a person killed because of sexuality, a person killed because of religion, a person committing suicide because they weren’t accepted. 

They shake and cry, knowing that these people could be their friends. It could be the neighbor, 8 year old Andrew, because he is black. It could be their friend Amy because she said no. It could be their classmate Jace because he held his boyfriend’s hand. It could be their best friend Alli, because she wears a hijab. It could be themself because they have always been put down, abandoned, and dejected. But hey, it’s 2015 right? Everything’s better now, isn’t it? Those problems existed so long ago right? There’s nothing to worry about now… that’s what everyone said when they were little….now they just wished it was true.

I just wanna give a quick shoutout to Scandal. They did an excellent job tonight of bringing awareness to the killing of young black men by police officers. When the tragedy of Sean Bell happened, it was my first experience of social injustice, and I wasn’t really sure how to respond to it. I was about 7 years old, and I remember just being mad that the officers were not indicted. Fast forward to Aug of 2014… The shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson. By now I’ve witnessed more social injustices, so when this tragedy occurred, I felt more emotion towards it. Anger, sadness and just wanting for things to change. I remember seeing pictures of people crying and wondering why I wasn’t so moved to cry, but I felt a pull of emotion on my heart. Tonight, tonight was different. As it approached towards the end of Scandal, and the officer in the picture was indicted, I began to weep. Weep because although it was just a episode, it hurt me to see the father sit over his dead sons body and for it to not be in vein. When he broke down and cried in front of Fitz, it all hit me and I began to sob because I finally connected to the story, the emotion, everything. Thank you scandal. ❤️

Universities cannot FORCE someone to go to mental health programs

New Mexico Highlands University Dean of Students, Fidel Trujillo tried to force a girl to go to mental health of the university’s choice after she mentioned she was raped and assaulted by 2 men there. The dean did not punish the men and only tried to silence her. She found case laws proving what he was doing is illegal, especially because the health form said “I have the right to revoke this.” This is the actual audio recording of the NMHU Dean contradicting himself.

Even after citing case laws proving he cannot do that, he still threatened suspension if she did not go:

After she gave him that, he sent her this email:

Please reblog this to spread the word and let students know what their rights are so this cannot happen to them at their university.