i am so embarrassing tbh i still can’t believe i actually injured myself while making raviolis from a can omg. and to make all of this more embarrassing, i have a scar on my hand from this


I injured myself making this video taylorswift

Today I learned that sports that involve kicking, throwing, hitting, or any other physical activity using a ball is NOT MY THING. No matter how hard I try to play or try to get out of the way for the people who are playing in my gym class, I always end up injuring myself. Makes me ask myself a question…. WHY AM I IN FREAKING GYM CLASS. 

I literally spent all day in bed because I felt crappy, slept through both classes I had and now I still feel like shit, on top of the fact that I now feel guilty I missed class. 

And I have  PT at 0600 tomorrow, where I’m going to eat shit. Also a meeting with the  CPT. 

plus this 11k on sunday that i am 100% not ready for and I am actually nervous of injuring myself but they are making me do it anyway.