I sprained my wrist 2 weeks ago. And this wouldn’t really be that big of an issue if I wasn’t playing double the amount of volleyball this semester than normal. So I’ve been super bummed that I can’t play yet. 

But good thing: it’s definitely getting better! 

Oh wait, let’s not forget that on monday, I started feeling major improvements in my wrist, all the while my body decided to fail me. 

Dramatic I know, but I have some horrible virus that is causing me to miss work, miss volleyball even more and miss out on the phenomenal weather that MI is finally getting. 

So saying that I’m bummed is an understatement. I’m miserable. And it’s funny because it was one thing after the other. It was my cat, and then it was having to take exams in virtually all of my classes while I was in mourning, and then it was spraining my wrist, and now it’s this dumb virus. And I need to be better over the weekend, because my mom is visiting me from Friday to Saturday and we have lots of fun things planned. This just bites.

I’m posting this not to be a Debby downer, but to let you know that I trust that God has great things planned for me, I’m just going to have to live through this crap for a while. 

Prayers for good health and a happy and successful rest of my Junior year of college would be seriously appreciated.

God bless

Found this guy out in the road while walking my dog. The back of his head is really torn up and he’s missing some feathers in multiple locations. I think another animal must have roughed him up. I’m not positive, but it looks like he’s a “Great-tailed Grackle”. He can’t fly, but he sure can flop. I’ve been feeding him small seeds and bread, and using an eyedropper to give him water. He’s finally calmed down enough to take a nap, so hopefully he’ll recover. I would take him to a vet, but I have no way to get there. 

Wish him luck!

Meet my new friend, Raincloud ! (I’m bending down because I don’t have a full length mirror) We are going to spend so much quality time together for the next 3-4 weeks! I only wish we would’ve met 8 weeks ago.
I named her Raincoud because she looks like one-large, grey, and full of woe. My healed foot is like the sun and when Raincloud leaves, I’ll be back to frolicking in the sunny fields~ ☀️😎🌸

Injured Bird Update Day 2

It’s 8:30 am and he’s still breathing, but he isn’t moving much at all. He is still drinking the water I give him, so hopefully he just needs more time to recover. The bloody areas on his head look much better! Please continue to pray for him!

Бронзовый призер чемпионатов Европы и мира по спортивной гимнастике в командном многоборье Алла Сосницкая прошла медобследование, которое выявило надрыв связки, гимнастке наложили гипс, соответственно, она не сумеет подготовиться к Европейским играм в Баку, сообщила “Р-Спорт” старший тренер сборной России Валентина Родионенко.

Update on Alla Sosnitskaya’s injury.

Alla Sosnitskaya was examined yesterday and learned she has ruptured ligaments (in her ankle?) and possibly some damage to her Achilles, so she’s in a boot and no longer in consideration for the European Games. Valentina hopes to add Shelgunova to the team with Aliya and Vika (if she’s ready).

For now it looks like Alla doesn’t need surgery. She’s in a boot for a week along with three weeks of rest.