Meet my new friend, Raincloud ! (I’m bending down because I don’t have a full length mirror) We are going to spend so much quality time together for the next 3-4 weeks! I only wish we would’ve met 8 weeks ago.
I named her Raincoud because she looks like one-large, grey, and full of woe. My healed foot is like the sun and when Raincloud leaves, I’ll be back to frolicking in the sunny fields~ ☀️😎🌸

Found this guy out in the road while walking my dog. The back of his head is really torn up and he’s missing some feathers in multiple locations. I think another animal must have roughed him up. I’m not positive, but it looks like he’s a “Great-tailed Grackle”. He can’t fly, but he sure can flop. I’ve been feeding him small seeds and bread, and using an eyedropper to give him water. He’s finally calmed down enough to take a nap, so hopefully he’ll recover. I would take him to a vet, but I have no way to get there. 

Wish him luck!

Injured Bird Update Day 2

It’s 8:30 am and he’s still breathing, but he isn’t moving much at all. He is still drinking the water I give him, so hopefully he just needs more time to recover. The bloody areas on his head look much better! Please continue to pray for him!

For Chajiko’s fanfic   Because we all need a little injured gundam pilot in our day XD   Q-baby has crashed in the middle of some salt flats and collapsed after trying to drag himself to safety.  

The original is here: