just something that makes me a bit mad about the inigoXgerome tag is that there’s always one of two post of people just being like “I really don’t see how this ship is a thing” or ‘It’s just from taking the convos out of context” and my response is

shipping is a fun thing that in no way has to reflect the cannon

unless it’s directly harming you, you don’t have the standing to be hating on it

inigoXgerome is CLEARLY something that the writers of FE:A are aware of and if anything,I think they encourage it. I honestly DON’T think that you write those kinds of conversations without believing or being mildly aware the fanbase will ship it.

on another note, the writer’s intent is virtually irrelevant. the way their convos are written is such that they can be easily manipulated, and even if they aren’t, they’re fucking hilarious. 

tag your hate if you feel the perverse need to hate, but please don’t put it in a tag where the shippers have to see it. Blacklist it if you don’t want it.

and lastly

geromeXinigo is a non-cannon pairing, but this is literally a game where you can pair up whoever you want as long as it’s cism/cisf, which basically means that no character has a cannon pairing. in a game where some of the marriage options have literally no mention of marriage or love until option S, i don’t see the problem in reading romance into some of the A level support.

bottom line is there’s nothing wrong with supporting a non-cannon pairing. so either stop hating on them, or tag that shit

one day in Ylisse

Robin and Chrom sit drinking coffee and watching the next generation train. Inigo and Gerome grapple over a weapon.

Robin: Chrom?

Chrom: Yup?

Robin: I think those boys are fucking each other.

Chrom takes another sip of coffee

Chrom: Yup.