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Shinhwa 2001 1st Live Concert [First Mythology] - CD2

03 Inhyeong [Doll] - Shin Hye Sung & Lee Ji Hoon

Note: This is a track from Lee Ji Hoon’s vol. 4.5 ‘Special With…’ album. This song is composed by Kang Ta, recorded with Kang Ta playing the piano. And here is our biggest joker, RicJin, doing a cover of this song.


achimi oneun soriye nan jami deureoyo 

oneuldo yeokshi keudae


naritko bonaesseottneunji keureohkedo swibke

kwaenchanheulsu ittneunji hmm~


hangsang byeonhami eopseottdeon

keudae tteonagange mideulsu eopseo himdeureottjyo


keunyang keureohke seoroga jogeumssik ijhyeogagettjyo

saranghandan maljochado soyong eoptkettjyo


mianhaeyo igijeogin nayeottjyo saranghandan iyuro 

nae gyeotteman duryeohaesseottdeon geolyo


keuraeyo nan kajang jungyohangeol moreugo isseottjyo

saranghandamyeon keudaega eonjena haengbokhaeyajyo


oh bogoshipkettjyo keugeon eojjeolsu eoptkettjyo

hajiman himdeulji anhke halkeyo


handongan manhi apa uldajichyeo keudaereul chatkettjyo

shingyeong sseuji marayo nan jamshi ppunil tenikka

kwaenchanhayo idaero isseulkeyo

dangshin gwa sanggwaneopshi

keunyang hollo jikilsu ittneungeolyo


[SHIN HYE SUNG] jongmal hansungando byeonhami eopseoyo


keudae eoptneun binjarido

saranghamyeo saragalkeyo


bogoshipkettjyo keugeon eojjeolsu eoptkettjyo

hajiman himdeulji anhke halkeyo oh


handongan manhi apa uldajichyeo keudaereul chatkettjyo

shingyeongsseuji marayo

nan jamshippunil tenikka

[LEE JI HOON] oh keuraeyo nan

[SHIN HYE SUNG] pabo gattjiman

[LEE JI HOON] uri jinan kiyeokdeul

[SHIN HYE SUNG] ganjikhamyeo hollo

jikigo isseulke

handongan manhi apa uldajichyeo keudaereul chatkettjyo

[LEE JI HOON] shingyeong sseuji marayo nan

jamshi ppunin ibyeorinikka

Ganse Inhyeong Exhibition #2 by DMac 5D Mark II on Flickr.

Looking back on myself from when I started becoming active in the Ulzzang look since like, 2012, I’m pretty proud of the progress I’ve made. I’ve actually come a long way in my opinion, and I’m very happy to see the improvement. Lately I’ve been looking at my past pictures and pictures of myself now as well as looking at pictures of others more closely and I’m noticing what to do more of, what to not do so much of, etc. and I’d really like to say thank you to all those who are also into the Ulzzang look, all the black Ulzzang, Inzzang, all those who are actual Ulzzangs (though they may never see this hahaha) and anyone that has ever helped me directly because in some way you all have helped me improve, and you’re continuing to do so.

So now I want to improve even more and be able to inspire others as well. Most people won’t start out perfect but if you keep at it, ask for advice and such I’m sure you will also improve. You can even ask me for advice if you want! I’ll admit I’ve still got work to do, but even if it’s something I can’t help you with, I think I’ll know others that can help you. 

So thank you all! I can’t wait for exams to be over and summer vacation to officially start because then I can really get to work! I really want to be able to help others along the way too, so just talk to me ~

Ganse Inhyeong Exhibition #11 by DMac 5D Mark II on Flickr.

kxhmchn said:

[voicemail] Baby? It's Hyung-- listen, some shit has happened and I feel like a terrible person for snapping at someone in anger and... for all the other crap that's gone on... So I'm heading off for a couple of days okay? I have Inhyeong with me, she's doing good-- keeps patting my face like you do, so it's a sweet reminder of you. I won't be gone long, just a day or two to calm myself because I don't want to take my anger out on anyone I love. Be safe, I'll see you again soon. [end voicemail]

The boy stayed silent, still for a while before pulling down his phone to stare at the screen. It was top sudden to realize, and then it hit him. “On anyone he loves…”
His hand sliding up his face to hide his eyes, he took a deep breath. “And still you’re taking her with you. Am I that bad… that you always rather disappear with her..?”
Ruffling his hair in frustration, he clenches his jaw. At least this time he had the decency to warn me.