Sticker slap

Everyone loves stickers, at their best these little works of graphic art are a wonder to behold. Funny, pointed, provocative, they can be all this and more, or nothing more than a simple logo.

As you may or may not have read in the interview with the man behind Lewis Cruise that we posted yesterday Lewis started out with stickers. Because as Jacob explains it, “Without a logo there is no company.…

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Foals - Inhailer

drop in peakflow: asthma red flags

i check my peak flow twice daily. a normal non asthmatic person should get a reading of 550-600. since i have just above moderate asthma, my average morning reading is 300. and night time is 350. (my Pulmonologist wants to put me on oxygen since its so terribly low in the AM.)

i had an asthma attack today, the worst one i have had in a while. it happened so fast. i started coughing and then locked up. luckily my friend was over and got my rescue inhaler for me and went to set up my nebulizer. i stood up and actually passed out. after recovering (being able to breath somewhat substantially without my nebulizer) my peak flow was just above 200 and hasn’t passed 250 since. 

i called my Pulmonologist who made an appointment for monday. but he said if it happens again, or my peak flow does not improve by tomorrow morning i need to “GO IMMEDIATELY TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!”

my life right now. 

i cant breathe