Yay! I reached 150 followers so I’ve prepared something cute for you guys!

UPDATE: You can have ALL the panties! Enjoy you cuties with the booties. <3

Please re-download the panties you want and be sure to delete the old ones from your /mods folder! These new ones will show up as completely new items and aren’t swatches.


Bear: Download 
Piggy: Download 
Panda: Download 
Kitty: Download 
Bunny: Download 
Fox: Download 

Panties are referenced/inspired off of the real cute ones from Knickerocker

Thank you guys for following and the support! It means a lot <3
I track the tag #ingamename so be sure to tag your cute simmies in my CC there! <3

My character name..

Ingame, Dacota’s name is not Dacota.

It is Lady, with a character over the ‘A’; The alt code is 131!

Just in case any of you are looking for me, I know some of you have asked!

anonymous said:

ahhhh hello !!! i looove the nicki minaj sim you made omg. those pastel space leggings, did you make those or? if not, wcif them?? i rlly hope im not bothering you;;

I’m glad you like my Nicki! The leggings were from ingamename and she has some really great cc, just check out her downloads link.

I’m so excited to present to you guys my very first CC! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Please enjoy! ♥

Download below (please let me know if any of these don’t work for you!)

Top: Download
Leggings: Download

Note: The leggings are a default replacement of the last color (gray) and the top is a separate color that you’ll find right next to it’s base white/gray.

I’m slightly addicted to ArcheAge
Anyone on Arenzeb should join us 
Ingamename: Quraz 

I’m just doing a few packrun, some of the them are netting 7gold even though I’m just buying the mats from AH, haven’t started doing any pack runs over the ocean yet though


Something new I put together for you guys that I was pretty excited to make it work properly!

Non-Default kawaii/anime eyes! They look pretty up close and afar~ they make your simmies eyes shimmer. c:

These are non-default and have their custom colors in the swatches for easy identification!


Mermaid - Download
Rum - Download
Sunshine - Download
Pure - Download
Magical Girl - Download

Thank you guys as always for your awesome support!