With the succesful effort to repopulate the Gran Paradiso National Park in northwest Italy with alpine ibex, it is now a fairly common sight to see the wild goats on the near vertical face of the Cingino Dam, licking the salt incrusted stones.

Top 2 photographs by Maurizio Piazzai.
Bottom photograph by Stanislao Basileo.

Why women are on the rise in the construction industry in Kenya

With the new constitution advocating for women, youth and the disabled to get a third of government contracts and tenders, more and more women are slowly gaining influence and big business in the industry.

Women do not want to just bid for the allocated third but want to also compete with their male counterparts for bigger contracts in construction. There were testimonies from women who have build their own companies and gained big contracts of up to 100 million shillings in construction.

The awards not only highlighted the best construction companies ran by women but is also seen a platform to motivate more and more women to get into the construction business. Suleco Company Ltd emerged as the winner of the Woman Contractor of the Year 2014 and received 1 million shillings worth of cement from ARM cement. This showed that even major companies are seeing women constructors as major players in the industry.


Crossrail | BLDG BLOG

More than 23 miles (nearly 90%) of train tunnels are now complete, with tunnelling due to finish in spring next year. Six of Crossrail’s eight tunnelling machines have now completed their drives. The construction of ten new stations in central and southeast London is more than half complete.

The surface works, delivered by Network Rail, are well underway. Significant progress has been made on the new flyover at Stockley, providing access to Heathrow, and on a new dive under at Acton. In addition, a temporary station has opened at Abbey Wood to allow the new Crossrail station to be built.

More than 10,000 people are working directly on Crossrail at around 40 construction sites. Over the course of the project, it is estimated that Crossrail and its supply chain will support the equivalent of 55,000 full time jobs across the country. More than 7,000 people have completed training at Crossrail’s Tunneling and Underground Construction Academy in Ilford, which opened in 2011. In addition to Crossrail, 61,000 jobs are created around the country annually through TfL’s investment program. TfL and its suppliers have also created over 5,000 apprenticeship roles since April 2009.