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I want to do one of those stupid infommercials for a stupid product...made for stupid people. You know...the idiots who can't do anything right and don't know how to use a hammer? Yeah those. And I also want to to the back stories to the commercials that aren't meant to be funny, and that make no sense.

Opinions or anyone who wants to take part would be super. I seriously want to do it.

These will be on my YouTube channel.

late night infommercials
  • me:is that an infommercial for that turbo jam workout thing?
  • (befores and afters show up on screen)
  • her:i can see her ribs! you don't get that from working out! she's anorexic! she's too skinny--no! you don't get that kind of result from this. you get like that from not eating and being anorexic!
  • i was standing right there. she knows i struggle. how can someone say something so idiotic like that? i just stood there and didn't make eye contact with anyone out of the fear that anyone else who knows would see i was bothered.
5 Things

1.  So I’m learning Spanish right now…like genuinely everyday taking some time to learn Spanish with this app called duolingo that my friends told me about.  I’m genuinely in shock at how useful of an app it is like i’ve learned so much within a week.  I feel like these things usually are there but don’t really help but this is one of those things that if someone asked me to like do an infommercial on it I would in a heartbeat.  Anyways it’s made me feel good and it’s something that I’ve been working at for awhile originally because (I hate to admit because I hate being this type of person) it looks good on medical school applications but now it’s more in the way of knowing another language and for the reasons why it looks good on a med school app.  If i’m going to be in the medical field primarily focusing on minorities I would like to be able to communicate with as many people as possible and try and alleviate the language barriers that can cause so many complications.  (that sentence sounded like it should be in a personal statement) but anyways because of that i’ve also started watching spanish movies to help support my learning.  Now if only studying for the MCAT was like this…

2. It’s such an interesting feeling to be in an environment with a career focus.  Like yeah I was pre-med at Amherst but Amherst almost went out of it’s way to avoid acknowledging that or teaching anything that integrated it for fear of it being to close to being useful in my future profeession-__- anyways it’s interesting being here and taking these classes with people who are genuinely all trying to go into a health related field and to be in and constantly learning about diseases, healthcare, and how the body works in relation to the general subject of molecular biology or genetics and even my sociology class.  It’s just weird because like i’ll be in class learning these things and it will hit me that i’m learning this because i’m going to be a doctor(or if not that doing something health related) like everything just seems more real and I guess it’s just the reality is sinking in.  I think i’ve had my fair share of doubts about being a doctor and I still do from time to time but now especially I don’t have those doubts as often.  I can’t help but wonder how Amherst was effecting that and how it effects the countless others i know who were at Amherst or are at Amherst who might’ve been interested in medicine but started to venture away from it for whatever reasons like some of them being legitimate like no interest but others being the fact that Amherst has a way of turning you off from science and almost destroying those dreams…(i didn’t picture this one turning into a rant about science/pre-med at Amherst) Bringing it back to where I started it’s just nice to really have a connection to what i’m learning and have a more tangible grasp on why i’m learning it.  

3. I followed a shit ton of study blogs and medicine blogs so that if i’m on tumblr not studying I might as well look at others studying lol.  It was crazy to see that there’s actually a tumblr community devoted to studying and they have all these nice pictures of their desk and studying and throw in motivation about working hard and it was just nice in that kind of obsessive type way…and I thought to look when I saw a tumblr post about ways to be productive and it said to post a pic of you about to start studying to further like idk make it set and stone and you’ll feel more inclined to do it since you said you were…so I did one and tagged it studyspo and got so many notes i was like wutt in the world.  Anyways I like it a lot of the post remind me of the student I was in HS and I got kind of introspective about that the other day and kind of my transition from then through college to now.  eh I think i’ll talk more about that in the next one

4. I think going way back in the day to early HS i was the type of person who would’ve been hype about bragging about how much I was studying or would go above and beyond when it came to my work, but it wasn’t until late in hs towards the end that I noticed when I was less vocal about that and even became more lax on myself about it that socially things improved for me.  This all sounds so petty as I type it, but it’s true that people tended to like me more towards the end of HS when I say stopped spending my lunch period doing work or was constantly dodging plans because of work and I think I recognized that, and I also began to feel better about myself.  As I started to become more socially aware though I realized i hated most of the people in my HS and wanted out, and one of the things that originally attracted me to Amherst was the social growth I could achieve there being around what I perceived were a lot of like minded people.  I think that was how I approached college and yes I was still obsessive over academics in the beginning but I think it was towards the end of sophomore year where I kind of hit a block(orgo struggles) and decided crying after test was not what I wanted to remember from college or no sleep constant work and not seeing friends with no real extravagant grade rewards was not what I wanted to be about.  It’s interesting to look back on that and think about how I genuinely had decided that social growth was what i wanted to achieve in college and that’s where I really burst into kind of who I am today and I guess I should clarify the social growth meaning like how far i’ve come in how I look at things like race, sexuality, class, and gender and my abilities to talk about these things with others and in general how I relate to those around me.  I don’t necessarily regret that focus I think it was really important and something I wish more people would take the time to work on.  I think it was also important especially in terms of my self-care in regards to my overall academic sanity, but I must admit that now that i’ve kind of accomplished a lot of that social growth that I set out to achieve back in senior yr of HS I kind of want to get back to the academic work obsessed early HS me and hopefully I can strike a balance idk and maybe that balance will be just what I need to not only succeed in medical school but be an actually decent doctor…

5. This 5 things was not what I expected it to be…I had not expectations so…I read an article earlier this week that said that people who write at least once a week about their lives, their thoughts and feelings were like generally more happy, and less stressed i think than those that didn’t.  It made me feel good and more motivated to continue with this not that it was really feeling like a burden or anything…

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