LGBT people of color face systemic discrimination and inequality in housing, healthcare, employment, family recognition, education, and countless other ways. Paying an Unfair Price: The Financial Penalty for LGBT People of Color is a new report by the Movement Advancement Project that examines the ins and outs of political, financial and legal landscapes for LGBT people of color. Read the full report here

A visual glossary of Dress shoe toe styles and brogueing

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“Most states have no nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people,” says David Stacy, government affairs director for the Human Rights Campaign, a national gay-rights group. “With limited or no federal protections, an LGBT person can get legally married in most states, but then be evicted from an apartment and denied a home loan.”

Marriage is the beginning, not the end. (via NPR)

10 Solutions to the Fermi Paradox

Tentatively finding even the most faint sign of extraterrestrial life would be the single most important discovery in the history of mankind, it could possibly help us find answers to most pressing unsolved mysteries of science, like “how did life on Earth arise,” and, more importantly, “are we alone?”

On that note, as our body of knowledge and technological prowess grow, the size of our galaxy (and the universe itself) continues to be refined. We now know that the Milky Way—an ‘island universe’ that spans more than 100,000 light-years across—has between 200 and 400 billion stars. Further revisions to that number suggest our galaxy could have billions of habitable planets. Our search for these potentially habitable worlds has just begun, but surely, based on numbers alone, the environmental conditions of a select few must be conducive to life, and the sustainability of it.

The problem, of course, is that, after 56 years of searching, we have yet to uncover proof that intelligent life exists beyond Earth, which is where the Fermi Paradox comes in. It attempts to address the apparent contradiction between the calculations that say our galaxy may have hundreds of thousands of intelligent alien civilizations, and the lack of proof.

Most solutions are rather simple; things like “maybe life exists, it just hasn’t been around long enough to become intelligent yet;” or conversely, “ intelligent civilizations were around so long, they went extinct long ago” (after all, the Sun is rather young compared to the age of the Milky Way itself).) However, a few are pretty inventive.

In our new infographic, we take a look at 10 solutions to the Fermi paradox: http://bit.ly/1KfMkGZ


Avengers Throwbacks

I redrew the Avengers: Age Of Ultron character posters in the style of their first appearances (doing my best impressions of Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Don Heck, and John Buscema).

Unfortunately, Tumblr has no way to embed the photo slider functionality that lets you compare the illustrations to the photo posters, so you’ll have to view them on this page to get the full effect.

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Staying healthy for good doesn’t have to be so hard

Adhere to simple guidelines and be flexible about your methods. Do what works for you, as long as it pushes you further towards your goals. Here are just a few tips that really helped one PumpUp member lose 32 lbs over the course of a year.

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