Types of Sleeves Infographic from Enerie. 

*3 images because Tumblr still cannot seem to host clear and sharp images of vertically long images.

Writers continue to reblog these infographics for their useful terminology. If you’ve missed any here they are:


The possibility that life is a simulation thrills me. It’s a possibility I’d bet my life on. Yet I find it disturbing when it becomes a justification used by people to support the invalidation of others’ realities. And a justification for their own abusive or ethically confused behavior. Usually by confused people who are in the process of disassociating from their own reality, as it causes them too much pain. As they push it away, or throw it aside, they simultaneously demand to know how there could be any suffering in the world. Certainly as they have had to experience it. They would rather not know that it is real than to know that it hurts. I believe the simulation is not to be disbelieved. It is to be lived, considered, experienced, ingested and passed through. Every fully aware moment, every conscious decision made informs and is in dialogue with the simulation. Of all areas of the simulation, this is where it is most real. Life lives here.

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