InfoDes HW: Creative Brief A

So here is a infograph that I did as part of our InfoDes class. Here we are required to produce a infographic design for parents about the partnership between DOH (Department of Health) and Trust Family Program. Here we are to provide statistical informations that can be understood by our target auidience (parents).

Demographic: Age 25-35, M/F, Middle-class C, Can understand English, At least Highschool graduate, Has kids and works either as an entrepreneur or an employee.


Fast Company Design: Pasta, Not Bacon, Makes You Fat. But How?

One of the most utterly surprising scientific findings of recent decades has got to be that fat isn’t so bad for you after all. (Apart from, you know, potentially bringing on serious heart conditions.) In fact, if you’re looking for a reason for America’s ballooning girth, you’ve got to lay the blame on carbohydrates—in other words, bread and pasta, the very things that the government once advertised as the foundation of a healthy diet in the food pyramids we all grew up with.

The funny thing is, though, that those low-carb diets, at this point, probably feel like another fad. The Atkins rage came and passed, after all. So it’s worth recounting the science behind how carbs make you fat, and it’s all laid out in this infographic created by Column Five for Massive Health, and based on Why We Get Fat by noted science writer Gary Taubes. (click to read article in full)

Founder, Leery Orfe, first opened the Old Show after the realisation that “there were a lot of old things hangin’ round that might be kind of a laugh to look at and think how stupid people were in the past. (coughs) Even more stupid than now. Which is saying something. Yeah. Yeah (coughs).”
Sadly, Leery Orfe was crushed by a heavy piece of shelfing only hours after The Old Show opened its double, twin-hinged barn-doors to the public, and never lived to see the unparalleled, moderate success of his creation. He had big teeth.
—  Infod Pak: Attraktions - Old Show, This is Jinsy.