Happy Birthday to Chen

Dear Chen, may you have a happy birthday, spent with your members and fans, and may happiness and good fortune follow you throughout the year that follows. Live well and prosper. Always together, let’s aim for the stars!

Happy Birthday!

ㅡ Staff of DailyEXO

hey guys! it’s evanecho (Zakk Evan) :) I’ve finally gotten a PO box, and can now take mail, and packages.

My PO Box address is on my blog! And any letter received will be read, and possibly replied to! (P.s. Any fan art/doodles will go on my wall :D)

ok I have this in my info but it bears repeating

I don’t know what notes i’m playing, I don’t know what chords I’m playing, I can’t read music, I don’t know what I’m doing.

Everyday lot of people ask me really nicely for chords and I wish I could help but I know as much as you do! the most I could do is maybe film my hand positions but the thought of that makes me really self conscious and every time i try to do it I get too anxious and I can’t film it to my standard.

Please, if you want to cover my songs just figure it out however you like, do whatever sounds best to you I’m sure it will be great even if it’s not exact. I’m not meaning to be rude about this but I really can’t help, I’ve tried before and it never works and it just stresses me out so bad.

I’m only posting this because I’ve gotten a few asks recently that are kind of accusatory like I’m holding out on people and refusing to post chords because of some reason like I don’t want people to play my songs, it’s not that, I promise! I’m just really stupid and I don’t know anything, I’m sorry. :(


My commissions are open again!

I will not take traditional commissions for the moment, sorry :<

If there is a style that I’ve done before and that you’d like to ask me to draw your commission in, but which is not on my commission chart, ask me : I will tell you the price.

Thank you in advance if you plan to ask me to draw you something <3


27th April 1996, 

Her room was small, clinical, white washed cider blocks, bed and a window. A secret drawer of shameful chocolate. A dresser full of cds. A calendar hung on the wall forty eight days crossed off so far. A shadow of anywhere but here clung to Rae, but tonight the ache was deep within her. There was only one place on her mind. Manchester. Maine Road.

8:40pm, Rae sat crouched in the middle stall of the toilets on the second floor, this was the best FM signal. Clutching her sanity, a Sanyo FM radio and personal cassette player. The Manics had exited stage right. The crowd roared like a great lion in her ears. Pushing the plush headphones closer, Rae sighed in containment, her eyes fluttered closed her head fell against the cubicle wall and she was there amongst the faceless crowd the smell of the burger vans, stale tobacco and sweat filled her senses. The cheer in her heart intensified with the crowd. ‘Never going down’ that familiar rough voice shouts in her ear before being drowned out my the screech of Swap Song. A small tear trickles down her cheek she clenches her eyes tightly and listens. 

10th of August 1996 

A strange room, pink and plush. A sequined pillow crushed deep into her breast. That shadow of anywhere but here at settled once more within her. Excuses for Chloe’s absence shuffled through her mind should one of her parents come looking. They wouldn’t. Rae’s bag sits beside her drumming like a beating heart, the ticket to all her fantasies lay within. The stub still firmly attached. 

8;45pm Those crashing chords of Swap Song filled Rae’s, leaning her head back and shutting her eyes. A jolt went through her when he head hit the soft springs of a mattress not the cold hard wall of her cubicle. The deep ache was deeper, it had all been so tantalizingly close. When she closed her eyes and allowed her mind to wander to Knebworth House, the big green, the smells of lager, chip vans, sweat and spliffs. Rae was not amongst a faceless crowd but with friends all in matching shirts. Jostling and jumping her shoulder occasionally bumping into Finn.  This time her heart doesn’t swell with the cheers of the crowd but sinks. . 

Tag; darlingdiver


Hey whaddup it’s Robo with open commissions! what what

Do you wanna see your rare pair otp smoochin?? Do you wanna see your OC dressed as the pope??? Do you wanna see Batman having a tea party with president Obama??? Do you have this awesome AU idea that you want to see put into reality??? Well, good news I will draw that shit for you.

Things I will draw: Fanart, OTP shit (cuddles, kissing, heavy petting, etc), OCs (with references), some hella backgrounds (interiors, buildings, greenery, etc)

Things I totally will not draw: Porn, Furries (i will draw like cat ears or something but that’s as far as I’ll go), or Transformers (it will take me 12 yrs)

**If the character has a really intricate design +4$ for hand cramps

**I can refuse a commission if I’m not comfortable drawing something

And let me know If you want it more cartoony/simplified or more semi-realistic because my art style tends to vary (feel free to use my other art as an example for what you want)

I can even add funny speech bubbles or unicorns if your heart so desires idfk

feel free to send me an ask or shoot me an email via: robotsharkcommissions@outlook.com  if you have any questions or want a commission!

This is my first time doing commissions so please forgive me for any future dumbassery ;; signal boost if you could ! ((i need gas money)) 


 В общем я чутка почистил блог (теперь фанарты и т.д. со временем будут отправляться в авторский блог), и еще я почистил тех, на кого подписан. Точнее я отписалась от тех, кто бездействует от месяца и более…  Ну и теперь собсно к делу.

 Т.к. моя лента снова большую часть дня пустует, я бы хотел подписаться на моих подписчиков. Однако я села этим заняться, и осознала, что скорее умру, чем просмотрю все ваши блоги хD

 Поэтому, если вам не сложно, поставьте под постом плюсик “+”, чтобы я смогла на вас подписаться)

 При условии, что вы:

  • Не занимаетесь сплошными реблогами. Я люблю следить за творчеством и прогрессом людей ^_^, а не за реблогми -_-
  • Не постите прон.

 Меня не волнует ваш уровень рисования, главное активность) Все мы с чего то начинали)

 Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь)



Here it is! Commissions!

So as the rulesy say I cannot do NSFW - sorry! If I feel uncomfortable with something I’ll let you know and hopefully we can still work something out! Refs for OCs would be greatly appreciated but I can work with a detailed description as well. ^^ If you commission me I will send WIP sketches constantly so you can tell me if things need to be fixed and hopefully we’ll get you just what you’re wishing for.

Slots are limited to 10 right now! comeatmebros

Please contact me via ask here or on my personal/art blog foxoon! Seriously guys thank you for even looking at this post. If you can’t commission that is totally okay, I only ask you help me along by signal boosting. ^^

Thanks and Wazza! ~Z


Hey everyone I’m opening up commisions for the first time!

prices (USD)

  • Half body flat colouring- $5
  • Half body painting or lineless- $10
  • Full body flat colouring- $10 
  • Full body painting or lineless- $15
  • +$3 for any additional characters
  • +$5 for a detailed background!

more info

  • Payments through PAYPAL ONLY (email me for further info first!)
  • I only draw safe for work stuff!!
  • I’m willing to draw almost anything other than N SFW stuff but obviously I’mbetter at drawing some things more than others (like robots and really muscley people)
  • More examples of my stuff on my art blog 

If youre interested email me at cyberpinkdystopia@gmail.com and if you have any further questions message me here.

signal boosts/reblogs are greatly appreciated!

anonymous said:

So I am new to the radical side of feminism and I just had to unfollow a lot of pro choice blogs because a lot of them mention how "abortion is a man's issue too" & "men can get pregnant too" :/ No....abortion is not a man's issue....right?

Absolutely not! “Men” denotes adult human males, and they can’t get pregnant. You cannot identify into being a different sex. In radical feminism, we believe that it is much more logical to refer to “men” and “women” as classes; human males are privileged because we live in a male-supremacist society, while human females are disadvantaged because we have been oppressed on the basis of our female sex since birth. Abortion is a sex-related issue, as in only females can become pregnant. It is vital to refer to “women becoming pregnant” because pregnancy is to do with our sex, which is an oppressed class. Saying that (trans) men can have abortions implies that being a man does not require male physiology, which is not only wrong but decontextualises abortion as an issue based on the oppression of females and the control of women’s bodies.

Trans men can become pregnant, but they are not men. A man is an adult human male. A trans man is female - born female, raised female, oppressed female - and if they become pregnant, they are treated as female. Abortion is in no way a man’s issue. Pregnancy happens to women and girls, and saying things like “uterus-bearers” to define pregnant females reduces us to our reproductive capacity, while saying “men can get pregnant” ignores the fact that we are oppressed on the basis of our sex.

NU’EST To Perform At GirlsAward AFTER PARTY

Besides opening for Japan’s largest Fashion & Music event, GirlsAward 2014 (Autumn/Winter) held on 1 Oct, NU’EST has confirmed their attendance at GirlsAward AFTER PARTY, where they are scheduled for a special live stage.

Original tweet:

GirlsAward AFTER PARTYへの出演が決定しました!スペシャルライブも開催予定。皆さんぜひお越しください♪詳細はこちらから 

The GirlsAward AFTER PARTY is hosted by LUMINE EST, and is a free admission event! Check out the details below:


Event: GirlsAward AFTER PARTY
Date & Time: 5 Oct 2014, 1730 hours open, 1800 hours ~ 2030 hours JST
Venue: LUMINE EST rooftop garden, Shinjuku
Tickets: Free admission
*admission and event details subject to change depending on on-day weather and situation.

Besides live performances by NU’EST, japanese boyband Da-iCE, and DJ Yummy will also be present to bring the best party music.

Don’t miss the event if you’re in the area!


Hi! I decided to open commissions again because I need money for a stupid thing. Yesterday I received a mandate in a bus (AGAIN), I wanted to drive up only one stop because it was raining outside - unfortunately they did ticket control and I was fucked. I will never take a bus without a ticket again.

I don’t have money for a mandate and my parents would kill me if they knew, I want to pay this mandate out of my own pocket, so:

If you want commission send me a message! 

HEADSHOT/BUST 6$/4€/10zł (add character +3$/2€/3zł)

HALFBODY 10$/7€/12zł (add character +4$/3€/5zł)

FULLBODY with lineart 15$/11€/18zł (add character +6$/4€/6zł)

FULLBODY ’without’ lineart 16$/11€/20zł (add character +6$/4€/6zł)


  • I DON’T DRAW: mecha, hard porn, animals


blazed-memories said:

Two things. One, I check this beloved blog daily and two I have a question if you don't mind. What color are Natasha's eyes? Some color it blue and others color them green, I was wondering if there is an official color somewhere or if it is up to speculation or if her eyes just change color? Please and thanks!

Natasha’s eyes are officially blue.

A lot of artists screw this up and give her green eyes, but this seems to happen because people tend to assume that anyone with red hair automatically has green eyes (as opposed to Tony Stark and his brand-new magical changing eye colors thanks to RDJ). So despite the amount of covers or panels out there with a green-eyed Natasha, here are some sources for blue-eyed Natasha:

from The Marvel Comics Encyclopedia (Revised):


from Mighty Avengers: Most Wanted Files:


and from her character page from before Marvel redid their website:


(and on a side note, with Marvel’s current obsession in regressing Bucky’s physical appearance to make him look more like MCU!Bucky, I fully expect that Bucky’s eyes will magically turn a lovely shade of Sebastian Stan!blue in the upcoming series.)

anonymous said:

(My side blog-Gabrielle-needs-saving) A small girl and a scientist woman entered his office, the woman spoke. "Sir where did Caroline go? She was meant to look after my daughter while we test out the personality cores."

The CEO’s office was Caroline’s now, but of course she was off doing boss-lady things, so it was empty.
Cave was monitoring the room out of habit, though…

Oh. Um, sorry about the mix-up. If you don’t mind, I can, uh…look after your daughter while the A.I. are tested?

A portal opened on the wall, leading into the Central Core chamber, where an embarrassed-looking computer construct loomed awkwardly.