infnt-sungjong said:

(—hearing a familiar voice,sungjong turned around only to be greeted by the person he’s missed for the last couple of days) Myungsoo! Finally… (—he covered his mouth with his hand,trying to cover the goofy smile he was certain was on his face) How was your trip?

[ a smile tugged on his features ] Hey, little star~ [ he walks over and stands in front of the younger ] And it was fine… How have you’ve been? 

infnt-mvungsoo ,replied to your post:The male paused when he saw the younger, eyes widening slightly, “…Hyanggi-yah…” he commented simply, surprised that she was there.

He let out a sigh, seeing her right there and he just walked over and wrapped his arms around the younger’s form, “…You’re okay…”

She froze up as his arms wound around her, her breathing quickening before she managed to calm herself down. Panic attacks were quite ordinary after the kidnapping but she didn’t need to have them here, in front of him. “I’m okay. Are you surprised?” She answered like she normally would. Her hands pat his back lightly.

The day started as Choa expected it to. She had got no sleep, spending the night in the company with the management. She went over the script at least twenty times with the managers, trying not to look so tired but her skin had paled and she saw the worried looks that were sent her way. She didn’t care much, this mattered a lot to her. Either she did well or she would get no scripts until another comeback. She was dizzy as she went out of the company. The papers were crumpled in her hands as she stepped out. The sky was just brightening and it was cold. She needed coffee and someone to talk to, maybe. The bandmates didn’t seem to care much and Sojin was busy, she didn’t want to burden her. Choa’s feet seemed to carry her away from the dormitory, she didn’t really know where she was going. The script in her hands was crushed as she continues walking, the wind making her shiver.


The morning was a bit weird for Howon, maybe because he was sleeping in Woohyun’s room now or maybe because the bed was empty when he woke up. It was just a lazy day for him, his job started after midnight. He was sure Woohyun would mind but he had to work. It helped him stay a bit sane. His steps trailed to shower after wandering around the place, no one seemed to be home. A cold and short shower helped him feel more awake and he went into the kitchen to make himself some food. His head was somewhere else, though. He kept telling people he was bad, and while he really was, he didn’t know how to explain stuff to other people. Standing back and listening seemed like a better choice than going in and being misunderstood. He stirred the ramen as his eyes looked into the distance. He felt a bit lost but he guessed it was just because of the new starts.


She surely thought that Dongwoo was being ridiculous. She shouldn’t have been the one to follow him when he stormed off, though. That job was reserved for the person who had turned and left in the direction opposing the one Dongwoo had taken. Friends as though he believed that. He pulled the jacket around him, doing his best to pull himself back together. He and Sungyeol could have this fight later, but he certainly wasn’t having it with someone he was fairly certain was Sungyeol’s ex - or at least someone who had once been a romantic interest. 

She let out another sigh, lightly poking the guy in the arm. “I’m serious. We’re friends- we’re not even friends, actually. We just saw each other out of coincidence. It was just out of luck. We hadn’t planned anything.” She ruffled her hair, looking around as if it’d give her an answer. “Even though I don’t really get why you’re acting like a jealous high schooler, I really don’t want you to misunderstand. I’ve had enough of those in my life.” She nodded lightly.