Some of the most influential photos ever.

Missionary with a starving child.


Scratches on the inside of a gas chamber in Auschwitz.


Christians protecting Muslims during riots in Egypt.


A man just finding out his brother has been shot.


Mother reuniting with her daughter after her service in Iraq.


Russian solider preparing for battle during WWII.


Russian solider playing an abandoned piano.


First response to the Boston Bombing.


Man rescuing kittens during floods in Cuttack City, India.


A Jewish man seconds before being shot by the hands of a Nazi.


French man crying as Paris is being occupied by Nazi Germany in WWII.


Vietnamese children crying after their village was accidentally burnt to the ground by Napalm from the Vietnam Air Force during the Vietnam War.


A monk prays for a man that died suddenly while waiting for a train in China.


Jews shortly after being liberated from a Death Train by Allied Forces during WWII.


Two Korean relatives, one from the North, the other South, saying good bye to each other after a reunion on October 31st, 2010 when North Korea allowed 36 South Koreans to meet their 97 relatives.  They have not seen each other since the war from 1950-53.


A German POW, being released from a Russia prison, seeing his daughter for the first time since she was a year old.


The Struggle Of Finding A Best Friend

By: Hannah

I don’t think I have really ever had a best friend. That’s not to say I have not had any friends or any close friends…..because I have. Lots in fact. I have even had close friends that have been so close, I have almost called them my best friend….

It can often feel like you are missing out, not having a best friend that is. But more so, it can often feel like you are doing something wrong. It can’t possibly be, NOT to have a best friend? Or can it? Is this normal? Why don’t I have one? GAAHHHHHH

The endless craving for one can drive you mad. The loneliness of a CERTAIN companionship. Blinded by films and OTHER best friends in this world, we build up a picture of what a best friend truly is.  In a weird sense, ‘your other half’, ‘the person you can go to for anything’, ‘the person who knows everything about you’, ‘the person who can come to your house and be chummy with your parents’. I can safely say, I have never experienced this sort of relationship. It doesn’t make me sad - nor do I really care half as much as I used to as a child or a young teen. I do feel like however, I have lost a bit of my innocence on my laborious journey to find the best friend. And quite simply, I haven’t found them yet.

Maybe I won’t ever find the sort of friend I want….maybe that sort of person doesn’t even exist. I hope they do though however. But what I have realized is, you have to be your own best friend first, to fix yourself when you are down, not to rely on others too much nor to ask for too much from your friends.

It’s an open book really. I have the rest of my life to continue this exuberant search.

Boys will be boys.

By: Caitlin

Boys will be boys. It’s perfectly acceptable for a man/boy to rape woman because she was probably being overly provocative anyway. She was probably drunk too. It’s purely her own fault.

Rape Culture is an environment in which rape is predominant & sexual violence against women is normalized & excused in the media & popular culture.  It is prolonged through the use of misogynistic language, the objectification of women’s bodies, & the glamorization of sexual violence, creating a society that disregards women’s rights & safety.

Rape Culture affects every woman.  The rape of one woman is a degradation, terror, & limitation to all women. Most women & girls limit their behavior because of the existence of rape. Most women and girls live in fear of rape whilst men, in general, do not. That’s how rape functions as a powerful means by which the whole female population is held in a subordinate position to the whole male population, even though many men don’t rape, & many women are never victims of rape. This vicious cycle of fear is the legacy of Rape Culture.

Rape Culture has become such a predominant issue in our society, but yet we attempt to cover it up & leave our younger generation uneducated about the issue. In America this month an article was printed in a high school newspaper about Rape Culture, particularly in the area. The publication of the article resulted in new regulations stating that all articles must be run by the principle. We attempt to suppress & hide this inhumane culture we preserve, when we need to be addressing the issue & making people aware.

Rape Culture provides us with the view that “boys will be boys” & blaming such sexual assaults on the female victim, rather than the perpetrator. We excuse men from such acts, as it is simply ‘in their nature’. It is justified in the Australian Constitution that all people are equal before the law & subject to the law, yet this critical principle in our democracy is excused for men in this situation. This is not acceptable.

There are some that complain that girls overreact & there are plenty of males that are sexually assaulted too, yet figures prove mostly otherwise. At least 1 in 4 girls have been sexually assaulted this year & 82% of sexual assaults are female & 86% of the offenders are male.

 There are thousands of prosecutors that think it is okay to treat women as if they are lower than them & use them to their advantage.  & They think this is okay because they can get away with it easily. This is something that is morally unacceptable in our society yet we ignore it & still continue to degrade women daily. You may think oh, no, not in our country not in a western country. Well think again, because Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, and Senegal have all had female Presidents or Prime Ministers and 1/3rd of Egypt’s parliament is female but the US has yet to even have a female vice president and can’t say “vagina” when discussing female reproductive rights. 

Women are blamed for being a victim. They’re blamed for what they wear when no means no, no matter what she is wearing. Don’t you think it’s wrong that women are absolutely terrified to walk anywhere at night alone. Why should we be afraid of men when God put men in place to protect us? 

A random sample of 6,300 assaulted women aged 18 and over, showed only 15% of the women reported to the police. What is stopping them from reporting such horrid crimes? The fact that they themselves could be blamed & victimized for something they had no control over. 

I have a friend who lives in Brisbane studying at University. A few weeks ago she was put in a situation where she had to work so late the buses discontinued which forced her to walk home through Brisbane alone at 12:30. She took the half an hour walk through the dark terrified of every drunken man she saw, hiding behind pillars & bushes from all men. Do you not think this is wrong? This should not be the norm we should not live in fear of being sexually assaulted because we are walking home from work alone. All of this & essentially what are we doing about it? Nothing, because boys will be boys. No. Boys will be held accountable for their actions just like everyone else.

By: Caitlin

What’s the first thing you notice about someone? Their beautiful personality? Witty humour? Intelligence? Although it would be wonderful if this were the case let’s face it, in this consumerist & image dominated society we live in a person’s image & look is the first thing we take note of. I will not shy down to this fact; I myself am guilty of such acts, as are we all.

This imagery-centered society we live in tends to dominate our lives, particularly teenagers. We are expected/ we expect ourselves to attempt to meet certain ‘standards’ to impress people. This kind of mindset alone can only bring misery to us. We are expected to think that because we don’t look a certain way or dress a certain way that we aren’t “cool” enough, or that we won’t have any friends.

It makes me incredibly sad in some ways; I mean we could use the fact that we live in a visual culture to our advantage, yet it often ends up on the unlucky end for most. So, I believe we need to adapt or die. Not literally, but you get the picture? You need to learn how to best to accept yourself & be okay with being you. Now, you may think “Wow, well that ain’t gonna work because I’m not pretty enough or skinny enough, or blah blah” but don’t speak too soon, because I’m going to talk to you a little on how to nourish yourself on the inside, so much so that it begins to glow from within yourself. 

You know those people you meet, that aren’t particularly attractive but they just glow, like everyone wants to be friends with them & they just overflow this really sweet vibe? I think everyone should aim for that.

First off we need to stop hating ourselves. We are taught to point out our flaws & be embarrassed by them when we need to be embracing & accepting them. You may have massive thighs; you know what you do, you buy clothes that suit & embrace your thighs & make you look & feel like Beyoncé. Maybe you have a massive vagina? Go out & show those people how fucking great your vagina is. You have a big mouth? Show off that massive good lookin’ smile of yours at every possible chance. As soon as we learn to accept things that may be seen as flaws to others & to us, we learn to accept ourselves as a whole more. Accepting your flaws also means people can’t us it against you, which is a really fantastic thing to have on hand.

Then we need to work on the inside stuff. Instead of investing your time doing pointless things on the internet, watching shitty tv shows or even giving your precious time away to shitty people, go do something that nourishes you as a person. I don’t mean go to some self belief seminar, but like do something that makes you super happy, do something that involves what you’re good at, learn new skills, read a nice book, meet really cool people who are going to build you up. In my personal opinion, this is the really important stuff in life.

As teenagers we are often so easily caught up in the habit of being incredibly self-absorbed, materialistic & consumerists. & in general that isn’t healthy. We create these images of what we ‘should” be & we believe if we fulfill these things we will then be happy. No, let me tell you now, if you wake up one day looking like Cara Delevingne & with the wardrobe of Alexa Chung you’re not going to fill that deep hole of emptiness inside you. You can’t just stuff materialistic things in an attempt to cover up whatever you’ve got going on in there. I mean we’re all at different stages, for some people the thing might be parent’s divorcing, whilst for another their bird might have died. Now just a side note we can’t judge people’s sadness levels to what they’ve got going on. I mean yeah it sucks if your bird dies, like maybe that person had no other friends & it was their first ever pet? Yeah so just don’t go there. But back to my point, you need to fill these holes with good things as I suggested above. Because my friend I can promise you, these things may make you feel better for a short period of time but it’s not a permanent resolution.

I’m currently sitting here thinking what a terrible piece of writing this is & hoping that you may have gotten something out of this. I wish you all the best in your endeavors to find contentment in all your being & your life & if you ever need a talk remember that the reef team is always up for a chat!

Much love. X

This Man Taught Me More About Life & Its Struggles Then Any Man I’ve Met On This Earth. He Taught 2 Be Myself No Matter Who’s Looking & 2 Always Stand 4 What I Believe In. He Taught Me Its Okay 2 Love a Woman & How 2 Care & Love a Woman. I Truly Thank The Lord & Afina Shakur 4 Raising Such An Inspiration 2 My Life & Icon 2 Not Only The Black Community But 2 The World Itself! Ur Music Is Timeless & Will Continue To Inspire Kids In The Future! 4eva Live Pac, Yu Were The Realest Of Em All! HBD 2 My True Father Figure Since The Age 6! Luhh Yu Playa!
#2pac #Tupac #Shakur #Black #BlackPanther #Music #World #Inspiration #Influential #GodBlessTheDead!

Self Reflection

By: Triana

Loving yourself can be difficult sometimes. If you remember these few steps it becomes a lot easier. Remember that everything will get worse before it gets better. I’m here for all of you if you ever need someone to talk to.

  • Eat healthy foods that make you feel good.
  • Surround yourself with people that make you a better you.
  • Take time for yourself and do things that you enjoy.
  • Take a bubble bath from time to time.
  • Set goals and work towards them.
  • Give compliments, other people might be having a bad day too.
  • Change something easy in your life. Try a new tea. New perfume. Change your sheets. Get a haircut.
  • Write everything down. Once you start a journaling everyday it becomes second nature. It’s a great way to get everything out. Don’t reread it until you finish filling all the pages.
  • Drink something warm.
  • Wake up early and watch the sunrise.
  • Make a good breakfast every once in awhile.
  • Blast that music and just dance.
  • Take yourself out on a date. Treat yourself. Buy 2 croissants. Drink all that coffee and enjoy it.
  • People watch. Nothing is more satisfactory than creating characters in your mind out of real people. Write them down, or not.
  • Meet someone new.
  • Make lots of lists.
  • Listen to some new music. Electronic isn’t that bad.
  • Go to the library and just wander.
  • Breathe.
  • Love every bit of yourself.