Fairy/Ghost Ouroboros Cute Legendary Design Submissions Open!

We finally have all of the aspects of the cute legendary figured out and now the design is up to you guys!


  1. 3 entries per peson
  2. Your design must be Fairy/Ghost (or Ghost/Fairy)
  3. Must be based on the ideas behind the concept of infinity as well as the Ouroboros. (Info)
  4. Do not submit your entry with a name or ability. Stuff like height, weight, Pokedex entries, etc. are a-okay!
  5. Remember to follow the aesthetics of a cute legendary. Do not make your design imposing or scary despite it being based on the Ouroboros.

That should be about it for rules!

Go out and draw up some awesome designs! This contest will end on Thursday, June 4th, at 5pm EST.