anonymous said:

how do i get a models body?

It’s mostly genetics honestly, you could work out and eat healthy tho and you’ll get a toned body tbh. starving yourself/ skipping meals lowers metabolism, btw x

Yesterday I missed your lips, tonight I missed your hands.
I crave for the day I finally miss someone new.
Vi va di scrivermi un po' voi il significato del vostro url?

Dai, mi sembra una cosa carina.
Potete scrivermi senza anonimo, con l’anonimo, se volete che non pubblichi il messaggio potete dirmelo tranquillamente, insomma potete fare quello che voltete, ma cagatemi eh

getexcitedfishbones said:

I play a lot of pantheon/warwick jungle and top, and I want to expand my champion pool. Do you have any cheap recommendations? also i suck at lol so they probably have to be on the easier side.

ryze - 450 ip

mundo - 1350 ip

maokai / j4 - 4800 ip

ryze can go top or mid, mundo can top (and sorta jungle), maokai can go top and jungle, and j4 can go top mid or jungle. they’re all really easy to pick up too, point and click for the most part