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:D I found you link hopping through B.A.P tags one day. Then reblogged aaaaall the things and started looking forward to your tags for everything~ because most the time it’s basically me, B.A.P makes me flail so much omg

Whoa I haven’t been in the tags for a while XD Lolomg you read my tags you look forward to my tags omg you are a saint how do you do it LOL I hope my tags aren’t disappointing nowadays haha


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What are you talking about


The voodoo teasers…oh gosh the voodoo teasers. I love love love pretty much everything to do with supernatural concepts and this is just so many levels of yes good. I was excited anyway, because it was their first album and I love this group so much and I’m so proud; I would have loved just about any concept they could have come up with, but this is just perfect to me. So excited for the actual MV to come out, I have such a good feeling. ♥

(Haven’t been able to buy any physical copies of albums since I got the Super Hero one from Otakon last year, but I’m definitely getting this one. Yes.)

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Even though its a little early (for me), HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! :D Thank you for being the best source of B.A.P shenanigans short of itsbap (and most the times even better because omg all the pretty gifs and edits and arts /sobs) I hope the year ahead is full of fun and joy and more shenanigans! ♥

salkfsajf excuse me for publishing but I want to keep this it’s such a cute message ;A;

It’s early here too OuO I still have 3 hours before 2013 *U* Your message criesssssss so cute ;A; I am honored LOL Happy new year to you too! May 2013 be another fun year for us all ♥!

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I believe the 'new bff' in the Minseok gif-set is Jung Heechul from ZE:A. He was seen hanging around with EXO for a while and the (tiny bit I can read) of the group name's hangul matches up~

oh yeah, that would make sense. I did see the 정 at the top of the nametag so I went searching for someone from team C with a “정” in the name… but I wasn’t aware that his last name was on the tag as well so I didn’t make the connection. OTL there are also gifs of minseok and heechul together now so I guess you’re right. thank you, though!

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(OTL because I thought it would be cute /hides) Dada stumbles into your ask box covered in wrapping paper and a bow stuck to his ear! He hands you a box of chocolates and says, "Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day Emi-noona! I even made sure Keke didn't eat them all!"


Omfg this is cute ;AAAAA; awww ty for thinking this up kalsfdkslafjsa Happy Valentine’s Day hehe


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They never are :D and yes tags were obviously made for such things /nod. I wound up with a tag that is a consistent keyboard smash…pretty sure it’s B.A.P’s fault ._. It’s mostly applied to them anyway. Tumblr has just made me more crazy sounding

All my keyboard smashes are different orz or maybe I just type too fast XD Tumblr is where I store all my insanity

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I just wanted to say that your blog is so cute and perfect and amazing and alskjfhl my B.A.P feels love you. <3

Oh ty! I love your B.A.P feels too :D This fandom is just really great with all the gifs and posts and ;A; i’m glad to be a part of it all ^^


Q4: What would you do in a do in a small room with your favorite member from VIXX for one hour?

late submission is late orz

Oh gosh, how can I even pick one? One hour one hour…okay it would probably be Sanghyuk. I have a soft spot a mile long for the kid and I just want to cook him a nice meal and just pamper him. Noona has all the feels. Maybe bring him things to read and talk about Naruto or ninja movies. Maybe see if he could give me pointers for how to start dancing. But mostly I’d just want him to be able to relax for a little bit before he goes off to whatever he has to do next in his busy busy idol life.

if it was anyone else though it would probably be the same thing. can I just cook for all of them?

Q2: Which member stood out to you the most/your favorite member, and why?

Oh gosh where do I even start.

To begin with, I had no particular bias; I liked Ravi’s rap, and Hongbin stood out (but mostly just because I wanted to take a brush to that hair fff) but overall they were pretty even UP UNTIL OTAKON. Oh my gosh that wrecked my bias list so hard. N’s stage presence and dancing and general personality alkhjf and Leo’s singing and he spent most of the time on my side of the stage. Hongbin had just cut his hair at that point and he was so handsome in person and so sweet. I counted myself Hongbin biased with a side of Leo (and a special spot for Ken, because his everything)  up until On and On. After that I pretty much just gave up trying to keep any sort of bias seeing as it really switched nearly every day even though I tried to hold onto my Hongbin bias for a long time. T~T I just love them all so much now, as a whole, the way they interact with each other and so many little things.

(this happens with nearly every group I hardcore stan OTL)

Q1: How and when did you came to like VIXX?

I’m always looking at new groups when they come out, especially dance groups; I love the choreography and I enjoy catchy songs that I can sway to (since I can’t dance myself, but it’s nice to look at) so I’ve been following VIXX since they debuted last year. Their song was catchy and cute and the MV was fun! So I enjoyed it and I added them to my list of groups to keep an eye out on but I didn’t follow them too closely at first.

I think what really cemented their place in my heart was probably the fact that through a stroke of luck and good timing, I was able to go to Otakon last year and see them live. Everything about it was just amazing, from the stages to the Q&A and seeing them up close, they were just so bright and excited that I was enamored. It was definitely one of the best memories I’ll have for a while to come, and everything they’ve done since then has just increased my fondness for them, music-wise and personality-wise. ♥

(I love seeing them getting a larger following, it just makes me so proud aah babies. T~T I’m glad someone started a blog like this. ♥)