“Even though Kai’s my dongsaeng, if I see him like this, he’s really cool and sexy. It’s to the extent that I’d fall for him while looking at his performance on stage.” - Do Kyungsoo

“D.O. is good at singing, good at dancing, and since he’s been practicing so hard, I want him to take care of his voice condition. I love you.” - Kim Jongin 

greatest hits from liberal anti-racists dot com
  • “poc solidarity”
  • “poc countries”
  • displaying lynching photos directly in the tumblr post for the drag
  • photos of dead bodies of third world peoples plastered everywhere with the caption “there is oppression all over the world”
  • “why are the blacks such separatists”
  • praising non-white cops and military soldiers
  • obama joke
  • “jews are white”
  • propaganda post about a country in east asia to “spread awareness”
  • “these are the photos they won’t show” 
  • removing materialist analysis from the concept of cultural appropriation