I have some thoughts about how such a huge portion of bisexual women are trans women and how bisexual women are often perceived as infiltrators in queer spaces compared to how trans women are often perceived as infiltrators in women spaces.

A large portion of bi women are also of color and esp trans women of color but I’ll let others speak on how that might interlace and affect some of the unique ways misogynist biphobia operates.

Basically I think that biphobia has a lot of how it works arising from transmisogyny (like how most of homophobia arises from transmisogyny) and I think that’s not something we should ignore.

Imagine that Carol has infiltrated Terminus, in her clay-camo garb, and stealthily managed to corner a handful of redshirt Termites.

Gun in her hand, trembling with uncertainty, she asks shakily, “Where are my people?”

She sees it register in her hostage’s eyes. Her family is still alive.

The gun in her hands goes still. She asks again, quietly, dangerously. “Where are they?”

The Termites just stare at her, refusing to answer.

She raises the gun, her finger very intentionally on the trigger. 



The IDF downed a Syrian fighter jet, a MIG-21, near Quneitra, along the Syrian-Israel border.

At about 9:30 am Tuesday morning, according to the IDF, “A Syrian aircraft infiltrated into Israeli air space. The IDF intercepted the aircraft in mid-flight, using the Patriot air defense system. The circumstances of the incident are being reviewed.”

The IDF followed standard operating procedure when it shot down the invading plane.

Civilians in Israel captured the fighter plane’s interception on camera.

both Photos by: Pirch / Rotter.net

Gotham S01E01 HDTV XviD-EVO

Saison 1, Episode 1 – “Pilot”
Lieutenant James Gordon arrive à Gotham avec sa fiancée Barbara Dean, et vise à lutter contre la corruption qui a infiltré la ville à tous les niveaux partenariat avec flic vétéran Harvey Bullock, Gordon tente de faire une différence … et commence par enquêter sur l’assassiner de Thomas et Martha Wayne, dont le décès ont laissé leur fils Bruce orphelin.


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you’re playing the phantom pain’s online mode, infiltrating a randomly connected-to Mother Base

after climbing up out of the sea you find yourself on a section jutting out from the main command post

there are no defense systems, no drones, no vehicles not even any soldiers or goats just hyenas on every platform hyenas every room more hyenas than you’ve ever seen before




as the carer is the bearer of pain, for all whom are within there circle

so do not let weak judgemental words infiltrate your pain of care

your soul will be rewarded for your efforts of carrying pain in this deluded world.

Israel downs infiltrating Syrian jet fighter

Israeli forces on Tuesday shot down a Syrian fighter jet which Israel said infiltrated the country’s air space, the first such incident in over 30 years.
Syrian officials confirmed the report, accusing Israel of “an act of aggression” aimed at helping the Islamic State organization and the other rebels seeking to take over Syria.
"Israel’s anti-aircraft forces downed a Syrian fighter jet that approached Israeli territory in a threatening manner, and even crossed the boder," Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said in a statement. "We have said in the past we will not allow our sovereignty to be violated, whether by mistake or intention. We are charged first and foremost with protecting Israel’s citizens."
Israeli media said the Soviet-made Sukhoi-24 crossed the border by mistake while it was engaged in fighting the rebels who have taken over the Syrian side of the Golan Heights along the Israeli border. When it realized its mistake, the fighter turned back and was then shot down.
The two pilots ejected safely on the Syrian side of the border, Arab media reported.
The wreckage of the aircraft also landed on the Syrian-controlled side of the strategic plateau.
Senior air force official said the jet flew some 800 meters into Israeli territory when it was shot down.
This is the first instance of Israel downing a Syrian plane since 1982.
Initial reports said the intercepted aircraft was a drone, however this was soon ruled out.
About a month ago Israel downed a drone invading the country’s airspace from Syria. It was reportedly being deployed by the Syrian government to gather intelligence on the rebels who have taken over the strip along the border with Israel.

anonymous said:

I'm not entirely sure what that 4chan post is talking about. I'm on it right now and everything is completely fine. If the creator was a SJW and the mods were as well, I don't think I'd be seeing all these people throwing around slurs and having conversations about how women suck with such rapid abandon. If anything, people making claims about SJWs infiltrating are being yelled at by other members for spamming off topic discussions.

moot can only ban people oh so quickly. He’s banning anyone who even mentions 8chan, as well as all the boards about it. If thats not censorship, I don’t know what is…

Just google “4chan is dead” and read about it on reddit.

- Panacea

I think I just tricked a bunch of guys at my work into thinking I’m car savvy. 

They were all discussing different types of cars and one of them jokingly asked me what my dream car was. 

Naturally, I said a black, ‘67 Chevy Impala. 

They all got these really impressed and surprised looks on their faces and started nodding, saying things like “Yeah.” “Nice choice.” “That’s a good one.”


They think I’m a car person now. 


i think i read once that jin tweeted or smth that kagepro is a series he’d like to have “no end” or smth, and i’d be thrilled if it continued in this fashion.

i guess you’d call this an afterstory a few years down the line?