Infantry Sword

  • Dated: second quarter of the 17th century
  • Culture: North European
  • Measurements: overall length 107.5 cm

This infantry sword has a straight, double-edged blade (from an earlier period), ribbed at the centre, with a double groove at the base with unclear inscriptions, tang marked “IK”. The iron hilt with double guard and ring is decorated with double knots, it has a lower rear ring and thumb ring and a mushroom-shaped pommel with leather-bound wooden grip. 

Source: Copyright © 2014 Czerny’s International Auction House

His hands are rough, but his touch so soft. His lips speak differently than my own, yet we understand exactly what the other has to say. His mind filled with laws, regulations, tactics, and things I’ll never comprehend. His boots are dusty, warn, sweat, blood and mud, my own only taken out for a night out. He spends everyday waking up before the sun and every night loving me. He is a hero that enough is true but he’s my own special kind of hero, a lover, a best friend my husband. Us Infantry Man.