Books That I Think Are Stupid to Read

I’ve never really understood why it is that in high school, kids can’t choose out their own books or why teachers never assign books that came out more recently instead of having been published 20-500 some years ago.  So, I’ve decided to compile a list of 5 books that I think are irrelevant to read and why.  They are not in order.

1. 1984- I don’t understand why I have to read a book detailing some crazed person’s (the dude really did look too deep into things) propagandist, prediction of the future.  I might as well be reading the rapture.

2. I Never Promised You a Rose Garden- Oh, you’re crazy?  That’s nice.

3. Bodega Dreams- So what you’re trying to teach me Enrique, is that if I plagiarize someone’s story enough, everyone will praise me for taking a “modern spin on things”?  Great, love to see that that stealing thing is getting along great with how Spanish Harlem’s been fucked up with crime.

4. A Tale of Two Cities- Honestly, I didn’t really mind this book even if it was so corny, but the author had to be such a…”Dickens” (see what I did there) when it came to all the unecessary and complicated details he threw out there.  I mean, he basically turned something simple like “No”, to “Well I don’t really understand the answer, maybe I kind of do, well no, I really don’t, yeah it’s really such a complicated question that I can’t just put to mind to it”.  Plus, the only reason why he wrote so much was because he got paid by the word, so it’s nice to know I was reading the works of a sellout.

5. Textbooks of Any Kind- I don’t understand why I have to read/take notes on this when you’re (the teacher) just going to teach me the material anyways.