Arg! Good Morning/Afternoon! I’ma show you more DC Universe Online stuff! 

I’m going to show you all Craydl because I’m really happy about it!

I’ll only show a little bit of it, because he’s a fairly large facility (three floors’s tall), and quite frankly only so much of it is interesting, and I don’t want to take up that much room on your dashes with this shit. 

Something they put in DCUO a year or two back was the ability to create a ‘Base’ for your hero or villain. A little space in the universe you could carve out for your own character and decorate and name how ever you please (one of my original characters is the proud owner of the dumpiest little dive bar in Metropolis). The way you generally gain ‘base items’ though, I honestly didn’t think I would ever actually have Craydl looking like Craydl. And that is why I’m so damn happy that I could even kinda sorta do it. 

Here’s just Thad and his mobile version of Craydl. Sadly he is not a gelatinous green glob of AI, but instead a kind of floating machine gun/cannon.

As for the base version of Craydl…

He’s equipped with a small lab.

A mainframe area,

which has an Impulse costume in it, because Thad’s still a creep. 

A medical bay / virtual reality prison / bedroom

cozy cozy

Vats of Techno-plasma that are everywhere.

And the tube he was born out of! Or rather tubes.

There are two of um. 

For no real reason at all…


But anyway, that’s the tour!

There’s other stuff, such as a working teleporter, a secondary more functional lab for crafting armor upgrades, and also a literal body bag with a body in it “hidden” somewhere in the basement. You can feel free to make of that what you will. 

anonymous asked:

Have you ever had a sex dream about Flash and/or Inerta?

Sexual Sunday! Ask my muse NSFW questions and see how they respond.

adding more info on my 2nd mianitesona

  • ayami hadesfare
  • he’s like, over 150 years old and spent ¾ of his life underwater
  • speaking of underwater, he’s a genderless sea monster (i’m thinking a hybrid human/bluefish?)
  • he’s 6′4
  • mute af, his mouth was intentionally stitched by himself
  • he can communicate telepathically and/or sign language, but usually telepathically if no one knows SL.
  • he’s a corrupt mianite follower, basically chaotic ‘good’
  • he’s a necromancer and was partially responsible for the reanimated guards at inerta.
  • lives alone with 6 dogs (all huskies, two of them a cross bred between husky/german shepherd), four are reanimated, two not animated (yet, it’s an old dog and a cute ass puppy).
  • literally a dog person + he can also communicate with his dogs because of his telepathy

‘oh that’s cute, he must be really nice!’

he’s not.
let me tell you why:

  • he hates humans with a passion (ESPECIALLY IANITE FOLLOWERS) and hardly tolerates them
  • he murders humans for a living and gets a rush out of it.
  • he runs a black market store mainly filled with forbidden/extremely rare items.
  • he even owns a couple bane of pigs (although, he has never owned a kikoku).
  • he has manipulated lots of people to do his dirty work and force them into a life of crime, and when he’s done with them - he kills them and reanimates to be of uses for mianite and/or deviser gaines.
  • plays the ‘cute, nice mute guy who’s a librarian and expert witch’ when in public, usually uses that persona for manipulation.
  • sometimes used for interrogations if deviser/mianite or an ally and is fucking terrifyingly good at it.
  • was actually fucking mistaken for a demon because of his ironic interests in witchery, blood magic, thaumcraft and forbidden magic and inhumane look.
  • is a big cheater in fighting, usually gets away with anything.
  • did i mention he’s a fucking necromancer

also he never ever hearts animals, not even a fly. mainly why he owns a lot of dogs