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Stay calm :) You mother is an adult she probably know what she is doing ! Just wait ~~ :) Fighting ! :3

Knowing my mother who knows what shes doing. I dont even think she knows what shes doing. Do you know how IRRESPONSIBLE shes been lately? She doesnt even care about much of anything anymore its seems like. well except her bf and herself. sigh. but thank you for this.. today just sucks and im hungry and theres nothing to eat and the heater doesnt work and.. ugh :l

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How did you make that blur effect in that post ? post/37862729054 ^^

I duplicated the main photo layer and then applied smart blur and I don’t remember what the radius was for that picture, but it was pretty  high. I then used the trusty eraser tool so the blur is only in the background and ta-da!!

Lol sorry if this is not too descriptive, but my Photoshop is in another language and I basically never save PSDs haha. Btw there’s  probably an easier way to do that, like using select tool and etc but I don’t have patience for select tools and I’m not one for tutorials and following instructions so I just do what I want :p

Uh but I hope I helped?

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♥ ^^ Be nice with me kekekeke

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