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Tea or coffee?

neither. but like i can sort of drink them both if i add milk and a shit ton of sugar tho i have to manage my coffee otherwise i start having like panic attacks and i just feel like shit all around

Do you have a nice sleeping schedule?


Do you mind ppl messing with your bed? (sitting on it without asking you, taking out the pillow, stuff like that)

eh. idk. i never have people over so i haven’t really noticed if i’m okay with this or not

Would you follow the Doctor and travel through time and space if he asked you? (i’m asking even though i know not all of you are DW fans)


omg like not just because i love the doctor and would love going on adventures as his companion but like anything to get out of school

Were you afraid of monsters hiding under your bed?

i think i was. like when i was a kid idk if it was under the bed but i got so scared of everything as soon as i get into bed and the light’s off i used to be really scared of like something grabbing my feet and pulling me under i think

What do you like to eat for breakfast?

maccas breakfast deals like my mouth is watering just thinking about it 

Do you like zoos?

ish. i haven’t been in years tho so yeah

Are potatoes a blessing?




Do you mind sharing with ppl when you’re eating your fav food???

aaaah. well. no. i hate it. oh my god like i’d offer, and i’d mentally groan and hate the existence of everything if they accept. 

indyctator replied to your post:puri tarah se hindi mein baat karna mujhse nahi ho…

god, it’s so frustrating because it sounds so familiar but I have no idea what it means, I want to learn hindi omg ;A;

no dont learn it seriously. its impossible to speak like proper actual impeccable hindi because it is hella tough and did you know that i can write hindi in english very well but i can’t write hindi in hindi. 

yeah that’s how stupid i am 

indyctator replied to your post: Idk why i reblog those things when i cant answer…
Danne… I feel like you spend your whole life in class *_* (or maybe you go on tumblr only when you’re in class xD)

All the good things happen before i go to my class or when in in class X . X

Ohh teal… Isnt that the same as cyan?

indyctator replied to your post:indyctator replied to your post:puri tarah se…

oh it really is that difficult? ;-; it sounds really pretty though. I used to watch tons of hindi movies and it sounded so pretty :’) and it’s fiiiine, you remind me of my family who speak Tamil fluently but don’t know how to write! ^^

yeah the script is tough yeah. BUT i can sing the whole of gotta catch em all in hindi and i think i should add that to my cv for future purposes

and ohMYGod which hindi movies have you seen (because most of them are super duper bad and  sexist)