East of the Sun and West of the Moon

While you’re waiting for The Black Bull of Norroway (we will begin posting to Patreon on Oct. 1st), Kit and I thought we would share with you an earlier project we planned to do. Perhaps you’ve seen Kit’s post with her East of the Sun, West of the Moon character designs. This was the first fairy tale we intended to adapt; however, when we discovered the sheer amount of adaptations EotS,WotM already had, we went with Black Bull instead.

You’re probably going to notice some similarities to the original Black Bull storyline, if you’ve read it. If you haven’t read it, trust me on this.

The two fairy tales are pretty close to each other, but there are some reasons we liked Black Bull more. I’ll make a post about that in a few days when I talk about our adaptation in more depth. But for now, enjoy a very brief, occasionally snarky telling of…

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

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When the A.V. Club asked me to talk about what inspired me to get into comics, they meant for me to talk about a piece of media. Zara was that thing for me, when my brother bought it for me in New York in 2001. But I can’t talk about Zara without talking about the context in which I read Zara, as a tween suddenly on fire with the realization that my body was becoming a battleground. Since this comic was posted, I’ve been accused of basically lying in order to push an agenda, as if these experiences that make up my life are so unbelievable that I must have sensationalized them for some crass motive. I thought about juxtaposing the experiences of my white male schoolmates, to show how insulated and relatively uncomplicated their lives were at this time, as they related them to me. But I figured the bros in the comments would do justice enough to that, and they don’t disappoint.  

Predictably, when asked to imagine a world where men have no power and no human rights, some men get REALLY testy. Cue the accusations of misandry, cue the common-knowledge that women are too catty, bitchy, passive-aggressive, hysterical, and shrill to run the world, am I suggesting that women are somehow BETTER THAN MEN? Blah burp fart. 

HONEY is that world. And it’s a world full of horrors. But it’s a world lived on female terms. All I am asking is that you try to imagine it, and ask yourself if it is functionally any better or worse than the world we live in.  

HUGE thanks to my AD Oliver Sava for sticking up for me and getting this thing published. 

You can read the full thing here, or by clicking the gif above

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You can read HONEY Issue 1 here for free

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