That time God visited #HotelHell. Or, my testimony for today.

A few days ago, a guest was standing at the front counter and mentioned some odd symptoms he was having: numbness and tingling in his face and extremities. He figured it was because he’d missed his blood pressure medication, but it still made me nervous. I suggested he go to the hospital and gave him directions to the closest facility. As he left I said a quick prayer for him then got back to work.

Turns out he was having a stroke.

He just walked past the front desk and stopped to give me an update. He’s still having some numbness, but he’s mobile and not expected to have much long term damage. He was told that getting to the hospital early was a big part of his quick recovery. He shook my hand and thanked me, and his wife insisted I come around the front desk so she could give me a hug. It’s moments like that that make all the morons bearable.

I feel like I really shouldn’t feel as proud of myself as I do for dressing myself in my own clothes and doing my own hair and makeup and coming up with the words that come out of my mouth and having an opinion overall about the things that I do and how they’re done and when they happen and who’s involved and who’s not. That really shouldn’t be such an accomplishment. It’s sad people are losing the ability to think for themselves and be actively present in their own lives. If all you do is what other people want/tell you to do, who even are you? Like everyone has a fiercely unique individual inside of them with very specific opinions and thoughts and views and I wonder what the world would look like if more people got in touch with that. I wonder how industries would change if people did less blind following and more conscious thinking and decision making… Idk but I’m getting real tired of all these clones. That’s not even who anyone is, it’s some plastic substitution that should’ve never existed.


this is our baby fox, jekl
jekl likes liquorice, selfies and little kids. (she liked the cat when she was little but now she’s scared of him)
she is 9 months old now. if we hadn’t bought her, this month, she would’ve been killed for her pelt, along with all her brothers and sisters.
some day, our beautiful little baby’s brothers and sisters will be the fur around the hood of your coat or the lining in your boots.
if you choose to buy products made of real fur, please remember that the fur you are wearing once belonged to another creature that was full of life and personality, and it was ended for your vanity.
please remember the face of our little baby girl next time you decide to buy fur.


How to get a job in concept art : An interview with concept artist Jonathan Guzi by Emmanuel Shiu

The people of Grassy Narrows have sustained themselves for thousands of years on their traditional territory – 2,500 square miles of forest, lakes, rivers north of Kenora, Ontario. Now plans for clear-cut logging, mining and the legacy of residential schools, hydro damming, relocation, and mercury poisoning threaten to uproot their way of life. - See more at: