Dope Money

According to the recent news, marijuana industry is growing faster than organic food industry now! I understand that everybody smokes weed. But also I understand that legalization leads to popularization of drugs and cultivation of smoking of marijuana. More than that, I believe that when society will get used to legalization of marijuana, activists will start a new company of legalization of more dangerous drugs. Maybe somebody’s going to kill all blacks using legal drugs?

Rusty Coal Mining Equipment No. 8, Black Diamond, Washington, 2009

A black and white photograph of old rusty coal mining equipment in Black Diamond, Washington.

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The first Star Wars standalone could come under attack from a clone. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Tatiana Maslany, the Canadian actress who stars as multiple replicants in BBC America’s hit series Orphan Black, is testing for the female lead in the Star Wars spin-off that is being directed by Gareth Edwards.

Sia Apologizes for ‘Elastic Heart’ Music Video

No. You know what? I can’t fucking stand the fact that Sia has to be the one that has to hide her face in public. How is it her fault that people are so fucking ignorant and do not understand art, dance, emotion etc.

This just a prime example of ignorance to the situation.

I have talked to many people and asked what they think about the video. Here are some of their responses:

"No way do I think she should of apologized. The fault isn’t with Sia, Shia or Maddie. The fault is with how society has made it impossible for a man to interact with a child without pedophilia becoming an issue. It was a beautiful video, and I feel so awful that people have twisted it and looked upon it with perversion on their mind. It’s sad."

"The video sends a powerful message about mental illness. Anyone that associates the music video with pedophilia should be ashamed. The nude leotards are what dancers wear so their focus is completely on the dance. Anyone that sexualises a 12 year old girl is apart of the problem."

"It’s ridiculous, Sia should not have had to apologise, there was nothing sexual about the video clip. It was very emotional and intimate, but not sexual.
Sia has said on her twitter it is NOT about her father and her relationship. She has stated that Shia and Maddie represent two parts of herself. Sia and her father do have a history of mental illness, but the video clip is not about their relationship. You can find Sia stating this on her twitter.”

"If it were a young male dancer, would there be the same "outrage" over the video?"

The point of the video was NOT sexuality, the point was to show the world something internal for Sia through dance, which was beautifully choreographed. I saw raw emotion and an insight to the roots of the most basic parts of humanity. Sia should not apologize for her honest art, there are music videos in this industry with far more sexual messages and even if they are ridiculed and disrespected no artist should apologize for their work unless they are directly insulting or disrespecting a person or group of people. That’s like telling an illustrator or fine artist they are not allowed to paint or draw people in the nude because it’s too “sexual”.

There was nothing wrong with the video. The only thing that is wrong is the way that some people understand the video and do not allow anyone to alter and perhaps clarify their thoughts.

"Ten years ago on this day in September, the last Maytag refrigerator moved down the assembly line in Galesburg, Illinois, a quiet little city of 32,000 on the western edge of the Rust Belt. Workers signed the white appliance with a black Sharpie as it passed, said their goodbyes, and left to start new lives."

Chad Broughton discusses what happens to a manufacturing town a decade after the primary employer leaves.