Internet Outage in Arizona Due to "Vandalism"

Internet Outage in Arizona Due to “Vandalism”

from CBS News

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – People across northern Arizona couldn’t use the Internet, their cellphones or landlines for several hours Wednesday after someone vandalized a fiber-optic line that brings communications to a large part of the state, officials said.

Businesses couldn’t process credit card transactions, ATMs didn’t function, law enforcement databases were unavailable, and even…

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I feel like I really shouldn’t feel as proud of myself as I do for dressing myself in my own clothes and doing my own hair and makeup and coming up with the words that come out of my mouth and having an opinion overall about the things that I do and how they’re done and when they happen and who’s involved and who’s not. That really shouldn’t be such an accomplishment. It’s sad people are losing the ability to think for themselves and be actively present in their own lives. If all you do is what other people want/tell you to do, who even are you? Like everyone has a fiercely unique individual inside of them with very specific opinions and thoughts and views and I wonder what the world would look like if more people got in touch with that. I wonder how industries would change if people did less blind following and more conscious thinking and decision making… Idk but I’m getting real tired of all these clones. That’s not even who anyone is, it’s some plastic substitution that should’ve never existed.


this is our baby fox, jekl
jekl likes liquorice, selfies and little kids. (she liked the cat when she was little but now she’s scared of him)
she is 9 months old now. if we hadn’t bought her, this month, she would’ve been killed for her pelt, along with all her brothers and sisters.
some day, our beautiful little baby’s brothers and sisters will be the fur around the hood of your coat or the lining in your boots.
if you choose to buy products made of real fur, please remember that the fur you are wearing once belonged to another creature that was full of life and personality, and it was ended for your vanity.
please remember the face of our little baby girl next time you decide to buy fur.


How to get a job in concept art : An interview with concept artist Jonathan Guzi by Emmanuel Shiu

The people of Grassy Narrows have sustained themselves for thousands of years on their traditional territory – 2,500 square miles of forest, lakes, rivers north of Kenora, Ontario. Now plans for clear-cut logging, mining and the legacy of residential schools, hydro damming, relocation, and mercury poisoning threaten to uproot their way of life. - See more at:

Industry thoughts

Yet again I am seeing thew whole deferred payment/crowd funding issue rear its head so I decided to re blog and slightly rewrite to match the current situation.  My opinion is considered controversial on this matter as I feel there is a lot of things that go unsaid and with a lack of visible union support in the Scottish market and a declining standard (the opinion of many pro actors and models), I felt I would address this again.   Please note this is not the case on every film out there however is based on current projects being flagged up by several professionals and artists in the Scottish market.  

Deferred Payment and crowd funding.  

After some careful research and thought on the whole deferred payment system of film I worked out the details based on an estimated film with a (proposed sale value) from DVD and other resource sales.

OK if you estimate your over all sales and finances based on a estimate of £1 million in sales. Doing the film on a zero budget, so you receive no travel or material costs, which as a make up artist for film is £45 a day for kit alone not including the day rate. Instead you Assign 20% to the crew and cast and forgo the attempt at raising the necessary capital relying on peoples desire to be in the film/TV industry.

Averaging 20 people crew and 20 cast (just an estimation this is the lower end of the spectrum). OK film makes 1 million after costs, 20% is then paid to the cast and crew from the remaining profit. Sounds good right, now here’s the maths 200 thousand split between 40 people works out at 0.5% per head or £1000. Filming takes a total of 30 days, so that comes down to: £33.33* per day which is less than minimum wage. Not so great now considering the union rates. Which rarely if ever are offered. So you take that film on deferred payment thinking you will cash in first off make sure you get a contract if you insist on going ahead and second make sure this is a legit project.  It wouldn’t be the first time I have seen films made under one name with a “contract” and the producer has vanished, only to resurface with a new business and a new film to make while the cast and crew are left wondering what happened.

 in reality you are working at a loss assuming the film makes any financial return and the length of time it takes to sell the finished project. Something to think about.

Similar to the “I have a catalougue shoot lined up and need models, make up artist and a photographer.  TF (time for….) for the job.  Interested?”

Uh no.  Cause that would come under the commercial bracket and I have rates for that type of work.  Yet people still do it. You cannot complain you are not being taken seriously if you are willing to accept this type of work. 

Free does not equate good.  

Personally I focus on the quality of my work and turn my hand to the more commercial aspects of the business.  Most of my clientele is overseas or South of the border, all of whom are asking me to do extended trips to work with them.  At the moment I am giving serious consideration to these offers, especially the longer ones.  Take my skills where:

  •  there is a demand
  • I will get paid

  • where I will be appreciated.  
Am I being unfair? Maybe but here is the skinny, I have a business to run that means I want to make money.  My phone bill can’t be paid with a fabulous tear sheet folks. There are circumstances where I will work for images but lets be blunt here.  NOT WHEN ITS COMMERCIAL.  If you are using these images to promote, sell or advertise a product then its Commercial and should be budgeted to meet the current rates or at least offer minimum wage.  
Yes that’s right minimum wage, legally you are entitled to that and when you are offering a service or hiring even for a day you should budget to pay  your crew.  For example: 

  • Head shots for an actor: Paid
  • Look book for a designer PAID; this is a catalog, the designer will use this to sell their product.  

  • Wedding ,make up/photography/videography: PAID; you pay thousands for a wedding dress, venue, catering etc and then ask the artists to work for free??  No you pay them.  

Sad to say but right now thats where my minds at.  While I understand the need to work, build your CV and portfolio etc, free work on commercial/corporate is just an expensive hobby and it has a knock on effect to the rest of us.  Wise up! If they are making money of your efforts then so you should you be.