What's one thing the members of MSI want the world to know about them?
  • Jimmy Urine:I'm a really happy person. To do this insane cacophony you have to have a fantastic upbringing and wonderful parents who are still married and love you and all that kind of stuff. I had a fantastic childhood and I haven't had too many bad days yet.
  • Steve Righ?:There is nothing I want everybody to know. I don't want anybody to know shit. If you get it, you get it.
  • Kitty:I'm a big nerd. I read science fiction, I took calculus in high school and I graduated summa cum laude [with the highest quality honors]. I am not afraid to admit it. Stay in school!
  • Lyn-Z:I work really hard at everything that I do.

Summer 2K14 Playlist;

1. .weighted. ~ frnkiero andthe cellabration

2. Lights Out - Mindless Self Indulgence   

3. Action Cat - Gerard Way

4. Girls/Girls/Boys - Panic! At The Disco 

5. Can’t Save Myself - As It Is

6. I Don’t Wanna Be Here Anymore - Rise Against

7.  Reincarnate - Motionless In White

8. MakeDamnSure - Taking Back Sunday

9. The First Punch - Pierce The Veil

10. Way Away - Yellowcard

11. The Reckless and The Brave - All Time Low

12. Join The Club - Bring Me The Horizon

13.  Bones Exposed - Of Mice & Men

14. Worth a Thousand Words- Mayday Parade

15.    Right Back At It Again ~ A  Day To Remember


rocket actually asking out a girl is probably a new thing for him i mean considering the way he scored with other women is ‘hey i’m the last of my species wanna fuck’ THERE IS NO ROMANCE THERE HE HAS TO LET HIS HEART SHOW A BIT INSTEAD OF JUST HIS FREAKY ASS DICK

so trying to woo the sitka is a bit of a challenge, but it’s good she reciprocates

lovelytitania said:

Nagisa does (or says) something annoyingly funny, then Rin squeezes Nagisa's cheeks and tells him "omg ur annoyin" while laughing. Nagisa makes a kissy face and Rin smooches him! :D

OHGOD THAT IS SO CUTE. Thank you so much!!!! You’re awesome. Also also this ficlet went another way but it’s kind of the same so ;; yeah.

It was a tiring day. A very tiring day that ended with Rin not even coming close to his own record and falling down on the floor beside the pool. He actually fell. In front of the whole team. Nitori went all “SENPAI PLEASE DON’T DIE” on him. It was so bad.

So of course, he was annoyed, frustrated at himself, and pretty much in the worst mood.

He locked his door and flopped down his bed. Sousuke was out with Nitori and Momo, mostly to get them out of the school and give Rin some peace. He sighed. He would just have to rest and try not to replay the image of himself falling in front of his whole team. Yeah. Try not to think about how Iwaizumi was trying not to laugh. Or how Minami took out his phone either to take a picture or call the ambulance. Try not to think about-

Well shit. He can’t stop thinking about how awful that was.


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"You ready to get outta here, Boss?" Johnny cocked his head in the direction of the large swirling portal out of Hell, expecting Lux to jump at the chance to return to life on the ship.

But to everyone’s surprise the Boss didn’t look ready to leave just yet. She glanced around the flaming open-air cathedral and then at her crew, the wheels near visibly turning in her mind. The underworld itself had been prepared for a wedding today, glimmering garlands made of embers hanging from every available surface, and it seemed a shame to waste the opportunity…

"Nah, not yet," she smiled, her gaze landing on Matt in a way that made the hacker’s cheeks heat up. "These nice demons went to the trouble of organising a wedding. Would be rude to walk out now without tying the knot."

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bae-ware replied to your post “yo i’m not feeling well and you could cheer me up by asking me to…”

aww! I hope you feel better, maybe domestic baes grocery shopping would make you feel better ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

yes thank you it does!! Cute fluffy domestic babies~<3

Rin had banned Nagisa from grocery shopping the moment they moved in together. It was a rule. Nagisa and groceries were a bad combination, because it always ended in an unhealthy amount of strawberry syrup and candies. The rule was there to stop them from a life of diabetes.

Except Nagisa was a rule breaker. It was his thing.

And Rin was… well, “whipped” was the term Sousuke used. “Unable to say no to Nagisa’s cuteness” as Makoto kindly phrased.

"No. Just one more pack of candy and we’re going." Rin groaned, eyeing the cart with disdain. "Ugh, you’re worse than Ran and Ren."

Nagisa gasped dramatically and put a hand to his chest. “That hurts!” He exclaimed, though the phrase was betrayed by his barely-contained smile. “Excuse me! I pay for half of this!”

"And you eat three-fourths of it, at least." Rin said flatly, pushing the cart away from Nagisa’s evil hands.

"I object!" Nagisa followed suit, adding another pancake mix to the pile. "You eat a lot too! And you buy that expensive beef so we’re even!"

Rin rolled his eyes and walked to the next aisle. Baking materials. He sighed and took a few packs of flour. Baking powder. Chocolate chips.

"Are you-" Nagisa was practically vibrating at his side.

"Baking you something? Yes." Rin glanced at him and watched as Nagisa’s expression blossomed to his brightest smile

"You’re the best, Rinrin!" Nagisa pushed the cart out of the way and proceeded to hug the hell out of Rin in the middle of the supermarket. "I love you so, so, soooo much." He said, sighing happily.

"You just love me for my baked goods." Rin grumbled, though he was smiling now as well.

Nagisa giggled and pressed a long, loud kiss on Rin’s cheek. “Your baked goods was a special bonus.”

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wtf your dream should be made into a show

I WOULD LOVE FOR IT TO BE but i don’t think anyone would watch it bc i’d be too lazy for exposition and just be like “you already know all of these nerds, watch as they run around in different universes and admire their cool au outfits”