Indulge || Quell

Laughter could be heard bouncing off the walls in Suite 652. Quinn placed her fork down and gripped at her sides in an attempt to calm down, but it was for nothing. She couldn’t even remember what was so damn funny but when she was finally able to breath again, she pulled the napkin from the table and used it to wipe the tears from under her eyes. “Oh.. I needed that. Thank you for that, and for dinner. I knew you could cook, but this is amazing.” She took another bite full and followed it with a swallow of the Sparkling Cider that Quinn brought to accompany dinner. “Do I dare ask what’s for dessert?”

Indulge || closed RP with caribbean-eyed-monster

For the whole time Erwin had thought on it, he had mixed feeling inside himself. He had been digesting the information about a kink club for a few days by now- but he knew this wasn’t something that only required his thought, Eren’s feeling were also very important to such a thought. Erwin had called the club, learned about it, even tried to look up the background— the place seemed perfect, a little high class for their taste but Erwin figured they could treat themselves to it.

Now it wasn’t so much the club, but how Erwin would explain himself. He didn’t want Eren to get the wrong impression, they had been intimate multiple times in their relationship, and Erwin wasn’t at all tired of it. He was admittedly curious about perhaps adding a little to the bedroom. Everything up to that point had been fairly soft, and Erwin couldn’t help thinking exploring their kinks could be amusing for them both.

Eren was an understanding partner, but Erwin still worried he would phrase it in a way that would hurt Eren’s feelings. The last thing he wanted the boy to think was he was lacking in the bedroom- quite the opposite. The thought of going to a kink club was still just a bit more exciting, especially if the place was worth all it was made out to be.

At dinner he decided not to wait any longer. It was better to get it out in the open then to just let it stew in silence. He settled at the table, placing his hand at the glass next to his plate, he spun his finger around the rim of the glass, still thinking a bit, before he finally decided to speak up. No point in holding it back anymore.

"Eren, what would you think of going to a kink club?"