Staycation 2014 New Eats: Cafe Cantata - Del Mar, CA 

Our third morning turned out to be a bit gloomy so instead of heading straight out to surf we decided to try a new breakfast spot and came across this cool cafe in Del Mar.  A wide, open and inviting space with walls adorned in quotes and art the place has a really cool and laid back vibe.   With plenty of eclectic tables and chair, counter top, and even lounge couch seating I’m sure this place is packed on a weekend or during peak hours.  Lucky for us it was mid week and early morning so there were only a few patrons. A great selection of breakfast options, I was the most stoked on our large mugs of Chai Latte with almond milk!  It doesn’t take much to make me happy!

Indulge || Quell

Laughter could be heard bouncing off the walls in Suite 652. Quinn placed her fork down and gripped at her sides in an attempt to calm down, but it was for nothing. She couldn’t even remember what was so damn funny but when she was finally able to breath again, she pulled the napkin from the table and used it to wipe the tears from under her eyes. “Oh.. I needed that. Thank you for that, and for dinner. I knew you could cook, but this is amazing.” She took another bite full and followed it with a swallow of the Sparkling Cider that Quinn brought to accompany dinner. “Do I dare ask what’s for dessert?”