Indoor Fish WIP
all i have to do is paint it in the morning and good to go
he ended up turning down instead of sideways [?] i might add wire inside to keep it shape better
took a pictures to show the size of it, lol he may not sit on my shoulder right but i can prop him in my head when im Kuroro

An “Indoor fish” from Hunter X Hunter.Now this is a cool creature design, HxH does have some imaginative monsters, and this is probably my favourite at this moment, I like its concept and how is it used in the series, it’s rather grim but really creative. 

It looks like a mix between a placoderm and a heterostracan, with dermal plates way past the thoracic region and lots of spikes (Sort of like an exaggerated version of Poraspis or an acanthodian). 

I took some licenses with the design (Like the pelvic fins), but still I’m not quite satisfied with the final result since I’m noticing now there’s a lot of mistakes here and there, so I might redo this when I have time, I really want to draw this critter decently.

Another letter from Cross

Dear friends,

My eight day hike with master rising sun is over. The temple is absolutely beautiful. Even though it’s on top of a snowy mountain top, there is a garden that looks,as if it’s stuck in a permanent spring. The dog wood trees are always in bloom and there is even a small indoor creek with coy fish.

I cannot wait til you guys are allowed to come here, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. I may of forgot my cursed masamune, I had planed to bring it with me so it could be cleansed of it’s dark magic. So, if you guys to mail that back to the return address, I would be greatly thankful.


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1. Spell your name with song titles:

El Mañana by Gorillaz

Milennial Pox by Rabbit Junk

I Salute You Christopher by IAMX

Last Night In Brooklyn by InnerPartySystem

You Can Be The Boss by Lana Del Rey

2. What is your middle name?


3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

I really like the indoor fish from HunterxHunter. They’re flying, flesh-eating fish that can only exist in enclosed spaces.

4. Favourite colour?

Slightly on the purple side of indigo.

5. Favourite song?

Right now I really love El Mañana by Gorillaz.

6.What are your top three fandoms?

The Hellboy fandom here on tumblr is cozy and friendly, the HPMOR fandom is great at analyzing and dissecting things, and the Knytt Stories fandom is very small but always positive and always making new levels or fanart.

7. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

I love the fact that, given enough time, you can personalize your dashboard to the point where you see everything you want to see, and avoid everything you want to avoid. Being able to blacklist tags makes the process even easier.

I tag sanityleaving, awkwardreclusiveone, quirkyflattery, and my-burger-intrigue.

lunatier i just realized that sentence out of context looks like i’ve finally lost my shit he has indoor fish that eat people they float around indoors and the people don’t die or feel pain