The Life of a Show Dog

The Kochi Tuskers Kerala and the Indian National Congress would be the best rivals if there ever was a dog show featuring the two. The former, proud owners of the Rottweiler in Sreesanth - the one with his aggressive animal instincts on the cricket pitch and the latter, with the pug called ‘Rahul Gandhi’ - showboating the world over, pillion riding on bikes sans security and sharing bread with dalits. 

When there is a government hopelessly helpless to protect its citizens.When atrocities strike the same city day in and day out.When there is an uneasy calm each passing day with prayers for a reversal of fortunes.When social media comes together in a show of support with resources, never seen before.There is blood boiling inside the hearts of every Indian at the sorry state of affairs that we are witnessing this moment. 

I am afraid for this democracy called India. There go 17 unfortunate and ill-opportune lives. And it wasn’t on Kasab’ birthday for god sake!!!! 

Stay safe, Bombay. *Prayers*

RIP Indian Football

Dear AIFF,

Now that Bob Houghton has resigned or rather he managed to flee for his dear life, all of you can quit too, get back home and start doing the household chores. Also send Baichung & Co to play for Malawi (which btw has better chances of qualifying for the Fifa WC).



I suck more than you do!!!

We have a United Progressive Alliance (UPA) which has deep roots in Corruption, a National Democratic Alliance (NDA) which has deep roots in Hindutva and saffron politics, a left front which is anti-developmental in character,a Third front (more like the neutral gender) which is largely regional and racist in character and all the barmy army’ called the Shivsena,MNS and RSS which are anti-socialist and averse to any kind of stability.

Blessed indeed are the souls who are forced into pick a government from among these elements. 

Dear citizens of this country,

People who still believe the Lokpal Bill will become a reality, need to be stoned. No politician would openly endorse such a campaign which is sure to nail each and every one of them, one day or the other. And frankly, I don’t blame them at all. They have made it to the houses of the Parliament with a view to splurge, amass a whole deal of money and loot the common man as against the noble cause of serving the nation, which was once a priority.

And I feel bad for the ones who go to the polling booth to exercise their franchise. For the last time!!!! I am not fighting this battle and fasting myself unnecessarily as I am completely aware of whats in store for things like this. Anna Hazare and his friends are wasting a whole lot of time by the fast-unto-death drama. And the whole voting exercise might seem as such a waste of time. Open your eyes and see around!!!!! 

 Sincerely Yours,


The comedy called Baba Ramdev

Russian Circus starts a new show, featuring acrobatic showmen from the foothills of the Himalayas. The trick involves jumping from atop the dais, into a crowd of curious onlookers and disguising yourself as a woman before the audience find the show man from amongst the crowd. They are currently in talks with Baba Ramdev for providing the training for the show men. And the rumour is that Baba has demanded an island in the Samoa as his compensation.

My idea of fun is certainly a whole lot different from what is the norm. And to put it that way, Ooty was indeed a whole lot of fun for me. It doesn’t really involve with self obsession by silver lining self in the photographs, neither does it mean to be on a drunken revel.

My idea of fun merely involves evoking photographic memories in the mind with the places I visit and relating them to events that life has put forth, thus far.Confusing right? That sums me up. :) 

When Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev lambasted the selection of Duncan Fletcher as the new Indian coach, their criticisms weren’t based merely on his performance. Their claim was that, most of the current Indian players are from the Hindi heartland and that they would have a sort of a communication gap with Fletcher. 

So, Gary Kirsten the former Indian coach who took team India to the pinnacle of glory spoke Hindi, English, Malayalam (apparently since there was a certain Sreesanth), punjabi, gujarati and also tulu. WOW… :O

Dear God,

We are extremely proud to have among us ministers who end up crying like pre-teens (Veerappa Moily),when they do not get the portfolios of their choice or when they are moved into a new portfolio. We are also glad to have politicians who think every sentence they speak is incomplete without a reference to the blessings of Sonia ji and Manmohan ji (Jayanthi Natarajan), which means that your position is in danger (atleast inside the Congress Party).

It makes me stand up in pride to know that we have amongst us, ministers who run home like typical indian married women, when they do not get the portfolios they want, lock themselves up and play out a resignation drama (Gurudas Kamat). This list would be incomplete without a mention about our great prime minister ([Wo]Manmohan Singh) who I thought was the best man to be reshuffled,instead of the cabinet in itself.

Atleast in my next birth, please make me witness to a political scenario which instills in me, a wee bit of courage and confidence to head to the polling station to cast my vote. I have already waited a good 5 years for the right moment to spill some ink. 

Sincerely Yours,