Liberland Bill of Rights - Legislative Restrictions

I’ve been reading through the constitution they’ve drafted for their experiment and it’s pretty interesting. The legislative restrictions in the Bill of Rights draft is a great rebuke of conventional abuses that have been adopted globally by authoritarians.

It is an exciting time to be a part of the freedom movement. Relative to collectivists manipulating and fighting with one another we find an organized energy not lost in rhetoric with many great ideas being acted upon from the Free State Project to this. People are starting to see through the veil. Like many times before they can’t stop it.


§4. No ex post facto law shall be passed.

§5. No Bill of Attainder shall be passed.

§6. No law shall abridge the right of each person to do as he or she chooses with his or her own person and property, so long as he or she does not interfere, by force or fraud, or the threat thereof, with the equal right of others to do as they choose with their own persons and property.

§7. No law shall abridge the right of persons to the control of their own bodies, nor interfere with voluntary consensual or contractual relations among adult persons, or the right to form cooperative ventures of any kind.

§8. No law shall invade the privacy of peaceful persons by unreasonable searches, seizures, storage of personal information without consent of their rightful owners, including but not limited only to the use of digital means, freeze of assets of any natural and/or legal person, otherwise than in pursuit of a Warrant, and only to an extent which is necessary to attain the end; no Warrants shall be issued, but upon probable cause, supported by appropriate order, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized or put under surveillance.

§9. No law shall allow for the private property be fully or partially taken for the public use without the consent of, and mutually agreeable compensation to, the owner.

§10. No law shall create victimless and/or consensual crimes.

§11. No law shall abridge the right of freedom of association; any person may associate or transact with any other person or refuse to associate or transact with any other person for any reason, and the proprietor or lawful possessor of any movable or immovable property may exclude or refuse admission to any other person.

§12. No law shall abridge the freedom of thought and feeling, or their peaceful expression or dissemination, as in speech, press and other media, artistic depiction, or religious practice; nor shall any law promote or hinder any religion, artistic culture, scientific research, gender, specific community.

§13. No law shall abridge the right to assemble peacefully.

§14. No law shall establish the institution of slavery, conscription, indenture, or any other form of involuntary servitude other than the Jury duty, within the Free Republic of Liberland, or in any place subject to its jurisdiction.

§15. No law shall restrict or hamper the free and peaceful movement of persons, goods, or capital within or across the borders of the Free Republic of Liberland.

§16. No law shall abridge the right of any person to use or issue any commodity or item as currency; nor shall the Public Administration of the Free Republic of Liberland engage in any form of monetary regulation or issue.

§17. No law shall abridge the right of self-defense against initiators of aggression, including the agents of the Public Administration where acting unlawfully, including the right, to own, manufacture, sell, and bear arms.

§18. No law shall propose, consent to, or request the incorporation of the Free Republic of Liberland, or any part thereof, to any other jurisdiction.

§19. No law shall regulate the use of any chemical substance so long as the use is not designed to intentionally harm any person without his or her consent.

§20. No law shall impose any obligations as to pursuing and/or obtaining any stage of education by any person; nor shall any law regulate the content of any curriculum used by any school or University at any stage of education.

§21. No law shall establish and/or regulate the institution of marriage.

§22. No law shall oblige any person to acquire any form of insurance and/or pension scheme, nor shall it provide any financial incentive in that respect.

one really fun thing to me is that people are really generally very ignorant of the more technical aspects of how language works

and that’s a good thing – linguists joke all the time about how they “used to speak their native language” or something like that because they think too much about certain phenomena

but it comes up a lot on tumblr because this site likes to do a lot of meta-level analysis and sometimes people describe a certain feature but in a way that doesn’t actually mirror its usage, and it’s just fascinating to me

@anon if the physical embodiment of a gay relationship doesn’t want to date someone it’s because it’s a monogamous relationship, not because it’s an aroace relationship

anonymous asked:

Hey, um, I'm kinda confuised. hat was Shion supposed to say about Inukashi when he held her in his arms when she was molested? His husband suddenly cut him off so-


Hmm, you’re talking about this, right? 

Presumably, Shion is going to say something about Inukashi’s gender here. I think more importantly, Shion realizes something about Inukahsi that maybe he didn’t before – that they are young and just as susceptible to being scared as anyone. The situation that Inukashi was in was terrifying, especially considering Nezumi’s late entrance (which you can interpret in a multitude of different ways: Nezumi’s familiarity with the sex trade, he’s just kind of a dick or overdramatic, etc). And I think that part of what Shion was thinking about here was how this whole plan is going to affect everyone/realizing how dangerous the whole thing actually is, something he might not have considered before when he just knew that he needed to save Safu. 

So, this is maybe Shion having a couple different realizations about Inukashi – realizations that maybe we are supposed to assume that Nezumi already knows or doesn’t care about – their age/their gender.

When the world is an incessant uproar in conflicted tumult of antagonistic aggression,
patient self-discipline and resolute reconciliation may be a revolutionary return to wisdom…
(Principled action speaks louder than impotent speech)
—  Quiet dissident reasoning

2015 All Japan Championship: Winner’s Interview

I couldn’t get motivated since waking up this morning. I knew I’d injure myself if I continued like this, so I decided to lower my difficulty from the qualification (39.0 > 36.8) and perform without mistakes. I’m glad I was able to do that. Maybe it was because I did very well at the qualification, and I felt I gave everything I had, but it’s the first time I couldn’t get motivated on the day of competition.
At the qualification, I was able to perform my routines for Rio without mistakes, and I felt I can raise it a little more.
At the final, I was stimulated by the many university students in my group. The level of the students are getting higher.
Unless I’m standing at the top, I can’t inspire the younger ones. Keeping (this position) will raise the level of Japan.

(Uchimura’s second daughter was born in March! Congratulations!)
Sources: Sportsnavi, Sanspo, Nikkei (photo)