Difference Between ~と言う and ~と言っている

I’ve always read them but never knew understood how to use them. Same with と思います and と思っています, which I will also cover in this post.

~と言う (to iu) is the form you use to directly or indirectly quote what someone has said. と is a quotation marker that can also be used with other verbs like 聞く (to hear)、伝える (to convey)、思う (to think), etc. 言う means to say.


  • places emphasis on the fact the person said something rather than the content of what she said.
  • present/past tense (someone says something). For 言いました, it would be “someone said something.”

Kanji: 裕子さんはオレンジが好きだと言います。
Kana: ゆうこさんはオレンジがすきだといいます。
Romaji: Yuuko-san wa orenji ga suki da to iimasu.
English: Yuuko says she likes oranges.

Yeah, she likes oranges, but the main point is that Yuuko actually said something.

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anonymous said:

I just asked my daughter and she didn't know you could turn off the location feature and hadn't thought through the possible consequences. We all saw the pain Erin Andrews went through and some of the girls on tumblr have talked about painful experiences as well. Just because the information is available it can't be in Jenna's best interest for it to be posted on tumblr.

If I’m understanding correctly, Jenna indicated purposefully the location, not indirectly.

a lazy day with Michael would include lots and lots of butt grabbing , along with cuddles on the couch watching action films together . He’d be the type of boyfriend to make sure you are laying on him in some type of way but would always ask: “Are you comfortable ?” or “Do you need something ?” He might get a big duvet to wrap around you both and then give you tiny kisses on your temple and forehead . Mikey would most likely, absentmindedly , run his hands up and down your arms and play with your hair . Once all the movies were over , he would suggest building a fort together , with tons of blankets and chairs and music and stolen kisses and tea lights . Then he would indirectly ask you to sleep over with some line like: “You built a fort and now you aren’t even going to enjoy sleeping in it ?” Before going to bed you guys might accidentally have a make out session and get a bit steamy because he just can’t resist you . Afterwards , you’d fall asleep in his arms while he mumbled “I love you” into your hair .

karmacomaja said:

Hai. I have a question. These blogs that celebrate black culture and style has inspired me into loving and appreciating myself as well as opening my eyes to the racial polarization that exists both indirectly and directly. I'm filipina, chinese, mex. amer and apache. These blogs have widened my acknowledgement of my ethnic groups. I love the black culture and style that I see on tumblr. I feel like I identify with them more. Does that mean I'm fetishizing black culture.. or?

I don’t think it means your fetishizing black culture. You said so yourself that, black people have helped you find an appreciation for your mixed background, and that being influenced by the diversity of Black people and our various cultures and styles has helped you to love yourself. TBH, I think that’s cool that you’re getting more aware of racial disparities and learning to appreciate other cultures as well as your own. 

I will say though that feeling like you identify with Black culture more than your own is a tricky thing because it’s like this..by your own admission, you aren’t Black, so you can’t *really* identify with us. You can relate to our struggles as POC. You can be influenced by and appreciate our effects on pop culture/fashionl/music/language and you can even immerse yourself in our culture(s) and gain a greater understanding of Black people, yourself/your background but you should also ask yourself this: are you identifying with mainstream images of what black culture is “supposed” to be (ie, the pop culture stuff)? Is it just the flashy parts that you’re appreciating and feel drawn to?

You know the saying “everybody wants to be black, but nobody want to be black?” If not, see: Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, etc — each of these people have snatched choice cuts of Black Aesthetics in the name of feeling like they “identify” with Black culture, but in reality they’re just being basic shit-stains because they’re appropriating and fetishizing our culture, wearing it as a costume or facade to be later discarded when no longer needed or ‘interesting.’ And this isn’t just limited to white artists either— other POC pop-groups and singers are guilty of this as well. 

So if you think that by listening to a certain music genre or talking a certain way or wearing a certain style of fashion is ‘identifying’ with black culture, there’s a 90% chance you are being offensive or doing offensive things.

The easiest way I can think about it is this; weeaboos. You know how they get overzealous about Japanese culture and Japanese people that they basically make everything even remotely having to do with Japan “Japanesey” and do things that even warrant a side-eye from Japanese people? Yeah. Apply that to pretty much any culture outside your own that you’re interested in (this goes for anyone).

If you’re suddenly feeling like you have to “talk black” or whatever in order to show your appreciation for Black culture, you’re probably being the Black culture-fetishizing equivalent of a Weeaboo. 

Also, keep in mind that Black culture and Black people are not one and the same. Just as “Asian culture” and “Asian people” or “Latin@ people” and “Latin@ culture” are not one and the same. 

anonymous said:

Do you think that Jimmy Jr likes Tina as much as she likes him but is afraid to show it? Could you post some scenes of things he says to show he cares please :D

Yes! Basically what I think is, Jimmy Junior really likes Tina but he doesn’t know how to express it, or possibly doesn’t fully realize yet just how much he likes her. I think he’s struggling a lot between what other people (his dad) want from him and what he wants for himself. Eventually he’ll figure out how to balance it. 

You can find all my Tina and Jimmy Junior posts in my perfectly tailored tag. I’ll list some examples here though.

  • He was genuinely disappointed when he couldn’t go to Tina’s party in Sheesh! Cab, Bob?.
  • He defied his dad to stay and dance with Tina in Burger Wars
  • He indirectly said she is hot in The Belchies.
  • In Bad Tina, he was not bothered by the suggestion that the Jimmy Junior in Buttloose was supposed to be him and he took the time to compliment the story.
  • He brought Tina her homework without being asked to in My Fuzzy Valentine, and he put a heart instead of “from” on her Valentine.
  • He tells her her skirt is caught in her underwear in Two for Tina, saving her from further embarrassment.
  • Also in Two for Tina, as soon as he realizes he screwed up he goes above and beyond to try to win her back. Under other circumstance I would say that she made her choice and he should have left her alone, but since she encouraged him to fight for her and implied that he could win her back if he tried, I make an exception.
  • He says “Wow, Tina won” in Family Fracas even though all the Belchers were competing, suggesting that he was watching the show just for Tina.
  • In Carpe Museum, he is the first person to turn around and listen when Tina announces the results of the dork poll, and he’s the first to respond afterward (not counting Henry).
  • He agrees to a date in The Unnatural, and he goes to the restaurant the next day more likely than not to check in about it. He seems to be genuinely at a loss when Tina is unwelcoming to him.
  • He smiles at her in Bob and Deliver. This might not be super significant, but it was cute.
  • He apologizes for being a jerk to her in Presto Tina-o, and he forgives her for trying to sabotage him. 
  • He greets her first in Gene It On, asks her out rather than let her push him away (which wasn’t what she was doing but he didn’t know that), lets her choose where to go for the date, is willing to sell his bike to pay for their date (not sure if he actually did), and is disappointed when he finds out they won’t be alone on the date. 
  • He takes the time to show off his pants to her in World Wharf II: The Wharfening, suggesting that he cares about her option and wants to look good for her.

anonymous said:

Actually when people argue against the criteria for anorexia it triggers me. Under the dsm 4 (I think) I was diagnosed with EDNOS and when they say it makes them triggered that they aren't "sick enough" for anorexia it makes me feel like my diagnosis isn't enough even tho I was genuinely sick and dying. I just was a few pounds too heavy and still had my period. Idk I just wish people would except osfed and ednos as a "good enough" diagnosis.

YES! I’m so sorry you have dealt with this, but I know how that would make you feel. You are so right. When people argue against the criteria, they are actually indirectly minimizing EDNOS or OSFED. They need to realize EDNOS/OSFED is just as serious, if not more serous at times. 

*TRAILER SPOILER* My Bamon feels




You know… the trailer didn’t hurt my Bamon feels because:

  • the fact that we didn’t see either of them makes them the big mystery of the season, and no this doesn’t apply to Matt,Tyler or Alaric too (poor them…). The fact that Bonnie and Damon’s location isn’t even addressed makes it really important, and my guess is this first episode will only be an introduction to the current situation, show how everyone is dealing with the deaths, and that there wasn’t even much Bamon footage to use here, I can see the episode end on our first glimpse of Bamon
  • even if the pics aren’t the best, real!Damon and Bonnie are both only seen in pictures, indirectly, which makes a Bamon parallel
  • even if the mystery exponentially got more important simply because Damon’s involved, Bonnie is for once at the heart of the main plot of the first half of the season

PS: I don’t understand how of all Delena or even Nian pics they chose this one that looks a bit fishy since he’s willingly taking a selfie (because who would take the time to take a Delena pic?… certainly not Stefan lol), wearing white and smiling all at once and the Elena placement is just weird. And I’m so sorry but I just don’t see who are the guys in the Bonnie pic… I’m guessing the one on the right is Jeremy… the other is Matt?


Today is a great day.
I woke up to not being told what I should and shouldn’t do as a woman, by myself.
I woke up to not worrying about what I feel should and shouldn’t be happening with those who will be a part of my life directly/indirectly forever.
I woke up not worrying about anything.
That is not like me.
I can say I’ve spent my early adult hood consumed by that.
Masked in “care”.
Attracting vultures into my surroundings.
I can say I have always been awake, I got the crust out of my eyes.

Watch on unf-kellin-quinn.tumblr.com

Please spread this video around like wildfire. 

This guy is named Sky Williams. He’s a popular online gamer who is most recognized by the gaming community as an incredibly heartfelt, open guy. He’s infamous for getting very “real” while streaming. As a result of Robin Williams apparent suicide, he posted this video on his youtube channel. 

He basically puts into words every thing I’ve ever believed in and have been trying my whole life to express to the world. 

Depression is a serious problem that doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can be effected, including those indirectly suffering through a loved one’s pain. It is proving to be an epidemic not being properly taken care of because of societal stigmatization. 

Despite all that, just as Sky eloquently states in this video, I will be here for you. I hear you. I see you. I understand you. Anyone who needs anything at all, please don’t hesitate to come to me. 

If the Hetalia boys had tumblrs
  • Germany:weapons bc they're cool, German scenery, technology pm. Also babysits Italy.
  • Italy:cats, food, pretty ladies, pretty men.
  • Japan:sushi recipes, anime, horror stories, games
  • China:really old quotes. Pandas. Hello Kitty.
  • Greece:architecture, indirectly bashes on Turkey's blog, cats, quotes about the meaning of life
  • France:Paris, beautiful women, gorgeous men, fashion, food, occasionally softcore porn, lots of pictures of England.
  • Prussia:he got banned from the website
  • Spain:history, football, Mediterranean scenery, cute animals, sweets
  • Romano:he runs a fashion blog that frequently features shots of Spain in random daily life. Many being shirtless. But it's fashion. Fashion blog.
  • Hungary:cute yaoi, traveling, cute yuri, cute couples in general tbh. Also piano music bc Austria got her addicted
  • Belgium:sweets for the most part. And recipes.
  • Netherlands:hipster af. Look at this beautiful water bottle I stole from a kid today. Cigarettes.
  • England:quotes that passive aggressively scream "I'm really fucking lonely send me asks". He also runs a side blog that reviews brands of tea. He also goes through America's blog everyday because he wants to see if America ever says anything that could be indirectly about him. He does the same thing to France.
  • Lichtenstein:harcore porn blog.
  • Austria:music mostly. But he also reblogs a lot of world problems so he has blackmail material.
  • Denmark:pastries, history, landscapes, recipes. Has a side blog dedicated to sneaky pictures of Lukas's ass.
  • Norway:mythical creatures, stones with healing properties, pretty hipster actually.
  • Finland:dogs, holidays, outer space.
  • Iceland:has a really popular blog actually. It discusses world issues and how to manage money. Also a lot of nature. Nobody knows his url though. He refuses for anybody to find him.
  • Finland:cute animals, scenery, quotes. Pictures of him and Sweden.
  • Sweden:bl. A lot of bl. And bunnies.
  • Russia:mostly cats and flowers. He just really likes cats and flowers. Also lots of pastel stuff.
  • Poland and Lithuania:run a joint blog about condom safety and safe sex
  • America:FREEDOM. Food. Likes to troll people's blogs. Reblogs the American flag and it's meaning just to rub it in England's face. Nobody really likes his blog and he gets a lot of anon hate.
  • Canada:hipster. Usually gets 100+ notes on his selfies bc he's hot. Also sjw.
Defense Mechanisms

Defense mechanisms are unconscious psychological strategies that help us to cope with reality whilst also preserving our self esteem. Normal, healthy people use them regularly. However, some unhealthy defenses include:

1. Acting out: This is directly expressing an unconscious impulse without realising what is driving the behaviour.
2. Fantasy: This is retreating to a fantasy world to escape, or resolve, conflicts we are battling with.
3. Idealization: This is unconsciously choosing to see another person as being more ideal or perfect than they really are.
4. Passive aggression: This is expressing our anger indirectly, for example, through being late or doing something that “inadvertently” destroys another’s plans.
5. Projection: This is attributing our own unacknowledged, and unacceptable, thoughts and emotions onto someone else.
6. Somatization: This is translating negative thoughts and feelings into physical symptoms. For example, suffering from migraines when you’re dealing with a difficult relationship.
7. Denial: This is refusing to accept reality because it is too painful or threatening.
8. Regression: This is temporarily reverting to an earlier stage of development to avoid handling problems and concerns in a more appropriate and adult way.
9. Distortion: This is totally reshaping your picture of reality so it’s now consistent with your internal needs.
10. Splitting: This is a primitive defence where the negative and positive aspects are split off – and there’s no integration of these parts at all. For example, the person may view others as being either completely good or completely evil, rather than a mixture of good and bad traits.

I feel like a lazy day with Nash would include lots and lots of butt grabbing, along with cuddles on the couch watching action films together. He’d be the type of boyfriend to make sure you are laying on him in some type of way but would always ask: “Are you comfortable?” or “Do you need something?” He might get a big comforter to wrap around you both and then give you tiny kisses on your temple and forehead. Nash would most likely, absentmindedly, run his hands up and down your arms and play with your hair. Once all the movies were over, he would suggest building a fort together, with tons of blankets and chairs and music and stolen kisses and tea lights. Then Nash would indirectly ask you to sleep over with some line like: “You built a fort and now you aren’t even going to enjoy sleeping in it?” Before going to bed you guys might accidentally have a make out session and get a bit steamy because he just can’t resist you. Afterwards, you’d fall asleep in his arms while he mumbled “I love you” into your hair.

(This wasn’t even good but idec I think it’s cute)

You are made of of love, you are love, and love rules Earth. No matter how much you try to beat yourself up or indirectly hurt others, know that in your heart you are seeking love in every

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