There’s such a weird vibe in the air… I’m going in for a longer meditation than usual this morning. #namaste Thanksgiving is this week and we celebrate & ignore the genocide committed on our Native American & African Ancestors. Ferguson now shows us that the same injustice occurs today & we’re supposed to eat a yummy dinner, go shopping on Black Friday, forget again & pretend that everything is ok. People please wake up. If everyone joins together we can change things. We don’t need to fight! We don’t need to riot! We dont need to burn our own neighborhoods down we need a STOP Campaign. STOP THE SYSTEM!!! If everyone joins together no matter the color of one’s skin, religious affilation, sexual orientation, level of status, or how much money you have. If we all simply came together and refused to follow the status quo… We will change the world in a week… We run their system we can STOP It. ♡ #wefreethinktv #indigosync #changeagent #evolutionary

Simple conversations with me wake people up, attract love, attract dream jobs, help people to find their purpose in life, attract money, more fulfilling sex, engagement rings, babies, help those that have been raped & abused, help those who are seeking inner peace & self love… I help those who wanna meditate, get clear & experience joy. I help people to manifest their goals & dreams… The feeling I get when I see their progress is worth everything! ♡♡♡ I’m sending love around the Universe this morning… I believe in you human race… in your goals & your dreams… You got this! ♡♡♡ #sparkofdivinity #indigosync #createreality #keepgrowing #soulwork #selflove

Love is in the air! ♡ I woke up feeling like Hitch again this morning… Another match made in heaven. ♡ He did the inner soul work it takes to attract his perfect lover. I’m so proud of him! This couple could be Twin Flames… ♡ I excited about their life together. I wish you both happiness, abundance & peace. I love you both! ♡♡♡ # hitch #matchmaker #soulwork #indigosync #magic #hedidthat #proudofyou #lovelovelove

Want to feel inner peace? You can have it… ♡ It’s Forgiveness Friday… Post the initials of someone you choose to forgive & set free today. Forgiveness changes you from the inside out… The cool part about this weekly ritual is that it also sets you free… ♡ #goforgive #feelgood #indigosync

I start my new teaching position tomorrow! I’ll be working with Special Needs children & children with Autism @Westlake Private School & Preparatory Academy… Thank you Universal Intelligence for the gift, the opportunity & allowing me to be of service! I’m excited! #lawofattraction #indigosync #purpose (Taken with Instagram)

Quick & easy chakra tuning meditation… Start with the Red I AM in the middle. Take a deep relaxing breath…Visualize the red I Am at the base of your spine, speak I Am, focusing on your breath. .. With each color & each breath move up the spine 3 inches & on to the next “I” affirmations… Continue up the spine until you reach the crown of your head. For best results repeat 3 times & share with your friends. ♡♡♡ #namaste #indigosync #isync #createreality #chakra

Nearly every revolutionary change in the history of human progress came about because someone questioned some time-honored belief or tradition and in doing so revealed a new truth, a new way of doing things, or a new standard for ethical and moral behavior. A commitment to staying open and inquisitive in our own individual lives can lead us to new personal revolutions and truths, truths that we will hopefully, for the sake of our growth, remain open to questioning. - Daily Om #theherosjourney wefreethinktv #indigosync #beingdrphoenix #questioneverything

Healing stones, crystals and semi-precious gemstones come from one unified source - Mother Earth. Created from the magma or Earth’s inner core, healing stones have gone through a geologic process of heating, cooling and displacement on their way to their present form. The energy field of different gemstones is influenced by geometrical form, colour and subtle vibration. Each stone is made up of minute crystals which are in constant motion thus emitting an energy signature or frequency. The gemstone’s colour also plays a dynamic role in the stone’s healing energy. The play of light and colour can stimulate or calm; purify or heal. ♡♡♡ #indigosync #motherearth #crystals #heal #healthhappinesshealing