Have you tried The Silva Method yet? It’s pretty amazing. I’m taking the course again now with some friends! It’s an awesome tool for reprogramming negative, limited, unwanted thinking and behaviors. It helps you to tap into your intuition, promotes right brain thinking & helps to solve all kinds of everyday problems. I love it!♡ #thesilvamethod #indigosync

I’m feeling filled with appreciation this Monday morning. Indigo Sync has 18,328 visitors since Friday! ♡ Thank you friends, family & followers for your love & support. Thank you for your kind words also… I love our new metaphysical boutique too. I send those blessing right back to you! If you haven’t stopped by yet it’s more to come soon. ♡ #appreciation #give #receive #beblessed #behappy #mindbodysoulgifts #indigosync

Indigo Sync has its first official LIVE sale! I feel deep gratitude in every cell… in every bone… in my DNA… I feel appreciation coursing through my viens… lol it all feels so tingly & golden! Ha! It makes laugh & smile. Julie Russell You’re so amazing, kind, loving & supportive. What you see in me I see in you! I love you. Thank you! Bowing to you Goddess with roses at your feet! ♡ #happy #overjoyed #namaste #thankyouJulie #thankyouUniverse #indigosync

I woke up feeling so filled with gratitude. The Indio Sync Inner Peace Supply Store is complete. Visit and find metaphysical & magical gifts for yourself, family & friends. The store is complete with a full selection of tools that assist in tapping into inner peace, self love, manifesting, energy healing, cleansing & Goddess supplies. We also have crystals, books, insence, sage, and everything else you need to connect deeply & enhance your spiritual path! Love yoursef… Indigo Sync. #indigosync #selflove #supplystore #shopnow #itschristmas #graditude

I start my new teaching position tomorrow! I’ll be working with Special Needs children & children with Autism @Westlake Private School & Preparatory Academy… Thank you Universal Intelligence for the gift, the opportunity & allowing me to be of service! I’m excited! #lawofattraction #indigosync #purpose (Taken with Instagram)

After a weekend of traveling & writing A+ papers. I’m enjoying a little me time. To all who are playing The Game… Happy Holidays I am reading your submissions & they are inspiring! There are also more of you interested than expected. I will contact you in Kairos time. Enjoy today! ☆♡☆ #indigosync