Good Morning Loves!!! This is a grid I created for the Third Eye Chakra. This grid was created with Indigo Aura Quartz, Chalcedony, Azurite, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst.

The Third-Eye Chakra rules the pineal gland, although there is some disagreement to this, as some believe it is the pituitary gland that is controlled by the Third-Eye Chakra. Still others feel that the Third-Eye Chakra controls both the pineal and pituitary glands, and that one is yin while the other is yang (or male/female). However, images of the brain show that the gland most resembling an internal eye is the pineal gland, even though it faces the back of the head, while the pituitary faces the front.

The Third-Eye Chakra delivers energy to the part of the self that desires to know what is unseen. From the Third-Eye Chakra comes intuition, imagination, insight, dreams, and intellect. A healthy functioning Third-Eye Chakra allows one to have healthy detachment, mental clarity, knowledge of the connection to others, an ability to see the big picture (lateral thinking), an ability to visualize desires, and sometimes, active psychic abilities. Those with an open and active Third-Eye Chakra are often initiates in the metaphysical and/or seen as being very spiritual, and can exhibit an affinity for manifestation work and/or dream work.

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I will admit, I am getting alot of use out of this indigo dye.       I received a pair of the “Perkins” from are friends at PF Flyers. I honestly liked them in white, but I wanted to give them a run in the old bucket of blue. After four three minute dunks, I let them dry in the sun for a day…oh switched to suede laces and dunked those for two minutes. 

I am glad they turned out okay.

remember the fart piano
  • James:haha don't worry vriska loves spiders
  • James:every au she is covered in spiders
  • Stephanie:god yeah
  • Stephanie:well ok she is covered in octopuses in my au where shes a fish guy but she also thinks spiders are good
  • Stephanie:"kanaya can you sew me a vest made of spiders"
  • Stephanie:kanaya flips over the fart piano
  • James:oh my god
  • Stephanie:vriska leaves very fast
  • James:the fart piano makes angry noises at her as she leaves
  • Stephanie:karkat ends up adopting the fart piano
  • Stephanie:whenever eridan says anything annoying karkat interrupts him with farts
  • Stephanie:"karkat do you think my scarf is" PPHHFHFHBBBTBTTPHP
  • Stephanie:"karkat feferi is IGNORING M-”PPHHHFFFFFTTTTHHBBFF
  • James:kar do you think that tav would be interested in a pitch- PPHHHHFFFFFFTBBBBBBFFFFF
- 5 interesting facts tag -

~ I’m Puerto Rican (even though I’m supa white)
~ I am hyperflexible in my arms so if I hold my hands behind my back, I can twist them over my head to the front of me without letting go.
~ I am an indigo child.
~ My dream job involves being in the cannabis industry.
~ Possibly going to a festy today!