Time Machine Video of the Week

Stereophonics - Just Looking (1999)

Just Looking was a single by British indie rock band Stereophonics released in 1999. It was the second single from the their second album Performance and Cocktails. It was released in February 1999 and reached #4 in the UK Singles Chart. The video features the band in a car with Stuart Cable driving, he offers the other members a Jelly baby and the car ends up sinking underwater.

there’s things i want
there’s things i think i want
there’s things i’ve had
there’s things i wanna have
do i want the dreams
the ones we’re forced to see
do i want the perfect wife
the word perfect ain’t quite right
shopping every day
take it back the next break
they say the more you fly the more you
risk your life
i’m just looking i’m not buying
i’m just looking keeps me smiling
a house i seen another coulda’ been
you drenched my head and said what i said
you said that life is what you make of it
yet most of us just fake
i’m just looking, i’m not buying
i’m just looking, keeps me smiling

Here is a live version, taken from Later with Jools Holland.

Okay so Indy convinced me to waste my afternoon watching Sabrina and oh my goodness this MOVIE I’M SO HERE FOR THIS