Where has romance gone? RANT.

Where has romance gone?
Like sorry I didn’t realise that sending a monkey emoji or a winky face meant I wanted to get in your pants. Seriously people, since when did a guy/girl sending back ‘xx’ meant they were flirting/wanted you? sending x’s and <3's back and forth and that’s flirting? that’s chasing someone? oh there’s a winky face for babe to let em’ know I’m interested. 

What happened to hand written love letters that you’d open and read on your bed and sigh with complete happiness because you know they took the time to write what they felt down and send it to you? or poems and love songs?
What about mix tapes or CD’s?
or spontaneously buying flowers? imagine opening your front door about to go to work/school and there being a bunch of daisies on your step.
picnic dates? Just sitting in the sun or under a tree and enjoying nature.
dancing? laughing your head off being spun around and dipped.
Making an effort to see them just for their company. 

My mother is always telling me stories of when she was a teen and how boys would write to her expressing their love for her and how beautiful she was, they were anonymous (now we get anon questions on and tumblr) She’d get mix tapes full of love songs and her favourite music and one boy wrote her a song, sent her the lyrics and then performed it at school. Like how beautiful is that? that rarely happens nowadays. I understand there are guys/girls out there that do this stuff but not many do and if you do? you are an amazing human being and I love you.

I know I probably sound like I live in a Nicolas Sparks novel like The Notebook or Dear John or maybe Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice. Hell I’d love to have someone stand as I entered a room or stood to leave, someone that opens the door for me. I know I’m too much of a romantic but seriously I’d much rather wait for a letter in the mail then get a text with seven different emojis silently telling me he/she wanted me in bed. I’d rather go on a date then get a Snapchat.

Sorry if I’m old fashioned but this shit really grinds my gears.

“I’ve given you weapons, taught you techniques, endowed you with knowledge. There’s nothing more for me to give you.”

The Chief and Her Viper Unit - So this is one that took quite a while but was well worth it! Back 15 or so years before Pixel Hero Prologue, The Chief and her Viper Squad helped bring an end to the Great War behind the scenes. Notable characters in the squad who you already may know are Bruce Blastkowitz, Stone Cobra (totally not related to Golden Cobra) and JACKAL himself (albeit his face was stricken from the photo on his request). You can also see the Chief standing in the middle (inspired by Metal Gear’s The Boss) and SLUG GEAR in the back (Inspired by Metal Slug aka the SV-001, from the Metal Slug franchise). Hopefully some of you recognize some of the other characters, and who knows, some of them might show up in VR Missions or still be alive and well during Pixel Hero Prologue!

London’s stunningly creative Disraeli Gears have just shared a sharp-cornered and radiantly-melodic new single entitled “Cuckoo”, its free-flowing guitar lines summoned from J. Robbins’ dreams, its form constantly variable. The more firmly it’s pulled the more sunlight gets released. You can stream this and their outstanding debut single “Born and Bred” by visiting their Soundcloud page.


GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS R - First Look (Steam Gameplay)

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Disraeli Gears - Cuckoo

With their previous track ‘Born and Bred‘ going down as easily as a perfect tiramisu, Disraeli Gears return with a song that is filled to the brim with some of the musical elements that dreams are made of.

The exquisitely delivered repetition of the title is an absolute highlight, matched by the strong yet restrained bass, the mood-changing drums and the out-of-this-world guitars that judge every…

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The La2a compressor from @uaudio just blows my mind. -7db of gain reduction and these vocals do not sound compressed at all. What can I say I love this compressor on vocals? It’s nice,clean and consistent. What’s your favorite? #mixing#uad#universalaudio#tmp#brainworx#logicprox#mastering#indie#bmi#ascap#sesac#master#mastering#vocals#vox#balance#bounce#apollo#listen#mastery#studio#studioporn#gear#produce#production#build#musicpublishing#music#engineering#sound

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PrinnyCast News! Xbox One, Guilty Gear 3, Halo TV Show

PrinnyCast News for May 25th, 2013.The Xbox One unveiling pretty much swallowed most of the news and even some of the extra is minor updates to past stories.

Horror Month !!!!!!!!

We at Indie Mac User are gearing up for an entire month dedicated to all things Horror !!!!!!!! We are bringing to our site horror relatied articles, reviews, interviews, completions and much much more. We will be unveiling some of our interview guests and details on our completion/giveaway on June 1st. Check out our promo video below !!!!

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I’m so happy I’m more tv and indie film-geared than blockbusters and big productions because I’d move to one of the Dakotas before I move to Cali

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what games do you like?

Kingdom Hearts
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
Far Cry 3
The Last Of Us
Bioshock Infinite
Siren: Blood Curse
Telltale’s The Walking Dead
Beyond Two Souls
Metal Gear Solid

Indie Games ~
Broken Age
The Crooked Man
Richard and Alice
The Cat Lady
Mad Father
The Witch’s House