For a superb local moment of the day, we turn our eager ears to San Francisco’s electro-rock act New Diplomat and their driving new single Gibraltar. The glistening gem is a wired rock anthem, complete with passionate, slick vocals and roaring instrumentals. Boasting a dark, fierce edge, it’s hard not to get swept away by the magnificent track. The band is working on their third record.

Electric Love
  • Electric Love
  • Candy - EP

candy, she’s sweet like candy in my veins
baby, i’m dying for another taste
and every night my mind is running around her
thunder’s getting louder and louder

baby, you’re like lightning in a bottle
i can’t let you go now that i got it
and all i need is to be struck by your electric love
baby, you’re electric love
electric love

Waves & Waves’ new song, Back Home, really does come in like massively moving waves of wistful emotion. It’s the latest from the Los Angeles based solo electronic act, and it’s a cosmic one, folks. Think grandiose and epic, and you might get a gist of Back Home’s depth and reach. It’s utterly intoxicating and a helluva heart emulsifier. Every beat of the drum, interspersed within the song’s atmospheric production, is like a dart to the heart, and every mournful vocal is like an ardent whisper of longing.