indie films

What's an indie film?

Indie is short for independent and means that the movie was produced without the backing of a major studio. Indie films are sometimes refered to as art house films because they didn’t get shown at big chain theaters only at small theaters

I’m very much obsessed with indie films. I’ve been watching tons of them lately and I decided I should share them with you guys! These are basically most of the movies that I would label as indie films (though some of them are quite popular). So turn the lights off and maybe grab some popcorn and enjoy the films c: (bolded are absolute recommends). If you’re having trouble with any of the links, please let me know!

500 days of summer / across the universe / adventureland / almost famous / a teacher / beasts of the southern wild / bottle rocket / dakota skye / dazed and confused / donnie darko / drugstore cowboy / eternal sunshine of the spotless mind / flipped / for a good time, call / ginger and rosa / ghost world / greenberg / heathers / in a world / is it fall yet? / it’s a disasterit’s kind of a funny story / junokids / kings of summer / liberal arts / like crazy / little birds / moonrise kingdom / nancy, please / safety not guaranteed / sassy pants / sex drive / shortbus / spring breakers / struck by lightening / stuck in love / submarine / teenage dirtbag / toast / tonight you’re mine / the art of getting by / the first time / the lifeguardthe perks of being a wallflower / the spectacular now / the to do list / the way way back / the virginity hit / thirteen / triple dog / upstream color 

Submarine (2011): "My Dear Americans, The film you are about to see is a biopic of my life. The events take place, not so long ago, in a proud land called Wales. Wales is next to England, a country you pretend to treat as an equal. My homeland has produced Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tom Jones and some other people. You have not yet invaded my country and for this I thank you. Submarine is an important film. Watch it with respect. Fond regards from your protagonist, Oliver Tate."


100 Indie Films in 2013 [1/100 Little Birds (2011)] 7/10

"You only get a little time between a cut and knowing how deep it is. If it’s only going to be nicked or disfigured forever. All you can do is try to stretch out that moment for as long as you possibly can ‘cause once you know, there ain’t no coming back."


‘What we do in the Shadows’ Vampire Mockumentary Trailer

The trailer begins like any other run of the mill found-footage horror film, but then turns into something else entirely.

From the creators of the HBO series ‘Flight of the Conchords’


The Myth of the American Sleepover—-Some of the cinematography and transition sequences in this movie are absolutely fantastic. The way it’s shot, mixed with the subject matter, reminds me so much of home.

I wish I knew how to make gifs because the subtle movement in these shots is really nice, but even without it they so accurately portray the suburbs at dawn.

This is my second time watching this movie and I still can’t decide if it’s a good movie or not. A lot of the acting falls a little short, as well as the script, but in some parts that completely turns around and there’s an amazing character interaction that is just fantastic.

I guess I like the fact that its not perfect. It’s just a well made indie film with practically no budget, mediocre acting acting scripting, but still sends out its message. It makes me feel like becoming a filmmaker is something that, given time and practice, is something I can actually do. The imperfection in some movies make me feel like my goal is more attainable


A twentysomething single mother in Norway’s expatriate Pakistani community struggles with her dysfunctional relationship with her perpetually disapproving mother, in this startlingly assured feature debut by Norwegian actor, singer and filmmaker Iram Haq.

Isaiah Washington Joins Production Team of Doc ‘Africans VS African Americans: Silent Sibling Rivalry’

by Vanessa Martinez 

Here’s a documentary you might recall when we posted about its fundraising efforts towards the end of 2011. At the time, the documentary didn’t meet its goal, unfortunately. 

However, it looks like the controversial documentary - directed by Peres Owino - titled African vs African American: Silent Sibling Rivalry, which focuses on the complex struggle with self-identity dynamics between Africans and African Americans, is back on track and slated for festival debut in 2014.

Isaiah Washington has joined the production team of Sibling Rivalry - which addresses the “little known tension that exists between Africans and African Americans” - along with Owino and Tene Carter.  [Continue reading at Shadow and Act.]