We’re targeting someone who enjoys films, but who is at the point in life where their career is getting more serious, their family life is expanding, and they want to be able to experience new and interesting films, but there are more important priorities for them. We want to be there to say, we know that your time is limited and valuable, we want to make you feel like you’re making the most out of your time. There are so many great things out there, but you can’t expect everyone to search for them. There are a lot of companies out there that talk about making life easier, but is life better when your most treasured resource - time - is being wasted? So for our typical customer, time is truly valuable.

KC McLeod, Vyer Films CEO 

We talk to KC McLeod about Vyer Films, an upstart subscription service aims to introduce curation into the formula.


Series Synopsis:

Anokye, the truth of destiny, is action adventure 2D animation that introduces the world to its first TV African super hero. Our heroes battle to unite the clans with each other and live in harmony with nature. A misunderstood magician and a disillusioned Prince separately battle against fates destined by others, but once they meet they try to use magic and wisdom to, defeat their oppressors and save the sacred forest. The story is based on the creation of the Asante Kingdom in 17th century Ghana. (Via Website)

I stumbled upon this series and I’m very excited about its development and completion. For those of us who loved Kirikou and have been longing for more African animated films and series, here is one I feel has a lot of promise. It’s on Nim Street seeking donations to complete the pilot. We can do much better than the pledge amount I see on the site. So, support. The pictures in the photoset are sketches of some of the series’s characters. The final picture is of the creator of the series, Akua Ofosuhene.

Check out the site, trailer, and donate.


Gentlemen Broncos is a panned 2009 film with one redeeming element: a opening credits scene that used retro sci-fi art for book covers with titles that credited the cast and crew. Here are the covers and artists, along with the scene itself. The Sam Rockwell look-alike is particularly impressive.

The director/writers discuss the process here, and it’s fascinating.

All filmmakers face the challenge of finding money. For first-time filmmakers, funding is not even the first hurdle. Even before the money comes, many artists become discouraged because they don’t have the access to a brain trust or a community that will assist them with navigating the tricky terrain of filmmaking. It’s key to get advice from experienced people in the field who can help you work smart as you move toward your goal. The money comes as a result of those meaningful relationships and the advice you get from those who have done it before you.
Be a doer. This industry is full of people who do nothing but talk about what they’re going to make, and a tiny proportion of incredible people who actually go out and make it. And don’t be disheartened if everything you produce doesn’t turn out exactly as you planned it. Not every film you make will be brilliant, but the next one will be better… and the next one… and the next one…

Mike Brett, Next Goal Wins

We asked the TFF 2014 filmmakers to share their best advice for aspiring filmmakers.

The independent film world is a fragile ecosystem. It allows for unique experiences and challenging stories to be told by bold filmmakers in adventurous and often unproven ways. Studio films do not take the same risks. But this adventurousness, this ability to surprise us, is why we love indie movies. By supporting this ecosystem, we are supporting the possibility of original, rewarding experiences that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Ti West

Filmmaker Ti West (The Sacrament, The Innkeepers) on why piracy hurts indie film.