Blue City, Blue Hour, Day Two
Jodhpur, India

I returned to find a new location the second night to shoot the sunset over the blue city.I found myself scaling some narrow stairs and sitting on a ledge with barely enough room for me and the tripod (you’ll see +Guillaume Desachy).  I ‘m going to keep the description short as I am very ill right now but I hope you enjoy.  I like this one way better than the other.  
Shot wich a Canon 5D Mark II, 24-70L lens, and  +Formatt-Hitech 6-stop INDR and .9 graduated filters.

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Jaisalmer by night
Jaisalmer, India

After an epic day or desert, camels, and dunes yesterday if got back to the guest house exhausted and ready to sleep for 20 hours. What do I do? Pick up my bag and go out to shoot the fort at night. I was standing in front of a cannon with a pack of 8 dogs beside me while capturing this. The dogs love me in India. They look at me and just start following me around wanting to play while barking their loud echoing voices throughout the narrow corridors here. As you fall asleep all you hear is a chorus of them each performing their own unique aria…

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Gadaba Fashion © Tom Carter India Portraits by India Photography on Flickr.

And The Sky Exploded!
Hampi, India

Guest house, check
Plain soda, check
Red Bull, check
Exploding sky 10 minutes later, check

This was what I was greeted with upon my arrival to Hampi. My mind was automatically blown. It’s 3:45am and so that means it’s time to go the the airport and head to Varanasi. Sleep, I would say it’s for the dogs but judging by the amount of barking outside that would be inaccurate. I apologize if my photos aren’t full resolution right now. I am transferring them to my phone so I can post. That’s just how it goes right now. :)
Have a great day everyone!!!!

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Little boy from Bhuj aka “Tiger Eyes”: future Bollywood heartbreaker? © Tom Carter by India Photography on Flickr.

Timeless Country Side
Karnataka, India

Best Viewed Large

The highlight of my trip to India by far was driving through the country.  Every time I pull up a photo I feel as though I stepped into a time warp.  I have shown them to a few people and often get the response that it feels like Africa as well.  I think that mud hut villages may just be mud hut villages though.  Some of the roads we were on barely remained roads though (+Google Maps  was awesome for that as they don’t take the main routes).
Here is a random shot on a highway smack dab in the middle of somewhere.  I randomly picked one.  
Have a great night everyone.  Time to take some melatonin and balance myself out here.

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