The issue of fracking isn’t just an issue of raping of the earth mother, there is also sexual violence and other social disparities that follow these oil workers who work vigorously.

The correlation between the workers, “men’s camp”, and gender violence seems pretty clear. Same thing happen to Native peoples during the Spanish conquest in their search for cities of gold. This just goes to show the importance of history and it inevitably repeats itself.

We also see it happening with our sister nations among First Nations, the Dakotas, Montana, and alongside any Native Nation bordering the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Colonization of the land and bodies to demean the dignity of tribes was enforced through the penetration of our women. This deeply affects community moral, especially for men, and has lead to generational trauma that continues today. 

I am not saying that all oil workers are the same-sex driven cluster after work hours. But settler colonialism (of the earth mother and women) is a problem that isn’t just going to go away with a few lectures and open discussions here and there. We’re going to need collective action that stems from within and surrounding communities.